VIDEO: SAS: Secure Tomorrow (2008)

Just in time to miss Halloween, Roland reviews a game that’s legitimately scary… for how bad it is.

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  • DAvid f White

    I have been thinking about buying a xbox!! I cant get Halo 2 to load or run on my computer!!!
    I cant believe the price of the Playstation 3 hasnt come Down!!

  • Jason Withrow

    Prison levels: the new sewer levels? If that’s the case I hope they pick up a reputation for it so devs will hold back on it. I’ve played Arkham Origins Blackgate. No one else should have to.

  • Moppet

    Watching the two NPCs at the end of the video. All the great points you made prior were great and all, but nothing summed it up quite like just watching those two NPCs. Another great video, many thanks for it.

  • I’d disagree about there being no difference between 16 and 18-year-olds, media consumption-wise. It’s really thematic though, gaming has no 18-rated titles that aren’t just extreme gore and swearing (yet), which doesn’t phase teenagers, but when it comes to films like City of Life and Death and Mysterious Skin (about the Rape of Nanjing and child molestation respectively) I would wait until someone was legally able to smoke.

    The Regiment appears to be on Amazon, by the way:

    Also, ‘assume the position’?

  • spiff2268

    Ah, Roland, never quit making your great reviews!

  • ElTapaHoyos

    You should play Code of Honor 3, that was actually a pretty cool budget shooter from CI games, has a lot of recycled content from SAS ST, but it manages to be good and it took me longer to finish the campaign than any CoD MW game…