Sarah Palin Has ‘Thoughts’ On Fish-Selfies, Katie Couric

Sarah Palin Has 'Thoughts' On Fish-Selfies, Katie Couric

For a half-term grifter/failed vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin’s half-life has been truly lengthy and remarkable. She is the cockroach of low culture. Empires will rise and fall, and there will be Sarah Palin, getting a crappy teevee show for being Sarah Palin. And where Sarah is, there is also bitchy ill-will towards anyone she perceives has wronged her.


Yes, Sarah has a new show, “Amazing America With Sarah Palin,” premiering in April. If you need to know down to the exact second when it will grace your television set, you can go to the show’s website, which has a ridiculous countdown clock. She’s been demoted to something called The Sportsman Channel, which we assume is one of those things your dad watches on Saturday afternoon when he’s avoiding shoveling the driveway, staring vaguely at an endless parade of fishing shows. But now dad can stare at Sarah, who will be responsibly utilizin’ nature and gooder stuff like that.

“They’re out there living the Alaska America lifestyle where everybody is in the outdoors responsibly utilizing it and developing natural resources, and we’re going to showcase people, places and things that kind of encompass all of that and inspire people to get out there, be outdoors and live life vibrantly.”

It behooves us to point out that the above is all one sentence.

Even the show’s promo materials are already suffused with the smug that is Sarah.


Yes, the problem with America is that there are not enough girls taking pictures of themselves with fish. That’s what we’ve been saying for years.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Sarah Palin interview without a snide little snit from Sarah about anyone who has ever done anything Mama Polar Bear or whatever the fuck she calls herself doesn’t like. In this case, the reviewer served up a softball about Katie Couric so Sarah could spite it out of the ballpark.

Lopez introduced a question about Katie Couric, who helped torpedo Palin’s 2008 vice presidential bid by asking her what newspapers and magazines she read, by asking Palin if she believed in karma.

“I certainly believe that what goes around comes around,” Palin said, smiling. […]

“The ratings were going in the tank with her as one of the head honchos there in the newsroom at CBS and then it didn’t surprise me, her other move,” Palin said. “Things weren’t going real well there, either.”

Let’s take a moment to remember that the terrible horrible no good very bad thing that Katie Couric — who is no Mike Wallace and was not selected for her hard-hitting interviewing skills — did was to ask Sarah Palin which newspapers she read.


We thought the Katie Couric leap to Yahoo! signaled a downturn in her fortunes as well, but it looks like she’ll be just fine. Her inaugural interview was with former defense secretary Robert Gates the day before his big bombshell book, Duty,came out. In contrast, Sarah Palin is expected to interview a big mouth bass before she takes a picture holding it, but only after she misidentifies it as a lake trout and drops it down her signature red jacket accidentally. Must never see TV.

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