VIDEO: Santo vs. The Vampire Women (1962)

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It’s Halloween, and per the Renegado’s made-up tradition, it’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite lucha libre superhero, El Santo! This time, he tackles Santo vs. Las Mujeres Vampiro, which would later be dubbed into English, retitled Samson vs. The Vampire Women, and mocked mercilessly on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Featuring cameos from all your favorite Agony Booth contributors, and the Blue Demon!

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  • MichaelANovelli

    Wait, I got taken out by Full of Questions?

    Oh, some people are going down!

    • Well, *I* am going down soon

    • FullofQuestions1

      Yeah, and I kept your blood in my pirate flask!

      Like you didn’t see it coming- how else am I going to take over Hack Attack? The world needs more positive reviews of Juno.

  • Doctorcito 22

    soflie you are good as vampire

    • And so are Questions and Ursa!

      • Sofie Liv

         I want some-one to draw fan-art of the three us as these vampires.

        • This must happen! It’s too good not to happen!

      • Ursa’s only 50 miles from me! Hold on, there’s someone tapping at the window…

        Nah! I’m not like that stupid kid in Salem’s Lot. Don’t open the sodding window!

  • Josh Langland

    This video makes me happy inside!

  • Misinformed

    I hope you have a good battery charge in that cell phone playing the music the vampiresses are dancing to!  Then again, might be a good way to die.

  • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

    no Cecil cameo?  False advertising…although the Boothers you did get were pretty epic, and it made for an epic recap!

    • Well, can’t fit everyone in the same video now can we? @.@ I hope at least it was entretaining!

  • Goblin1001

    The ONE THING that really makes this movie ridiculous is the fact that Santo is about 6 inches shorter than the old professor dude, and it’s is REAL obvious in his very first scene.  It’s just impossible to take him seriously as a big bad ass wrestler after he walks in like Herver fucking Villechaize.  If they had just shot that differently, they could have avoided that.

  • Claus tvede

    awesome review, i think sofie will kill when i say, i want to find those el santo movies somewhere in denmark, because for me they sound like good movies

    • Thankies! Glad you liked the review!
      Don’t worry, as long as she’s still a vampire, I can keep her busy with dancing :3
      But seriously if you’re interested on Santo movies, you can always track them down on amazon and other online stores, there used to be a mexican website dedicated to sell subtitled movies from lucha libre, but it went offline a couple of months ago, sad, I know.