VIDEO: Santo and Blue Demon vs. The Monsters (1969)

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Renegado reviews another El Santo film, but in this one, Santo is joined by the wrestler known as the Blue Demon as they face off against classic monsters in the movie titled (what else?) Santo and Blue Demon vs. The Monsters (original title: Santo y Blue Demon Contra Los Monstruos). Together, the two luchadores battle the Mexican Dracula, vampire women, the Wolfman, a cyclops, the Mummy, and the Frankenstein monster. It’s cheesy, ridiculous fun. In other words, a Santo film.

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  • Jay_Bay


  • MephLord

    This looks like the kind of movie where the Benny Hill theme could play the entire time and never seem out of place.  It also looks super funny.  I think if WWE ever made a movie starring Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara, making it super cheesy should be the way to go.  Rey fighting a chupacabra would make for a great film!

    • Word, that’s something I’d totally watch!

  • LindaMinda

    I wish I had as cool a mask as El Santo.

  • Torgeaux

    Praise the ever fightin,’ ever slammin,’ ever reverberatin’ El Santo.  El Santo is everything we aspire to be! He fights crime and monsters better than any $16 bazillion dollar Hollywood digi-wow consolidated team up!  (and drives great classic cars!).  El Norte doesn’t have the guts or brains to make anything as wonderfully cheeze as this.  They would just tart everything up with art, acting and snide behavior masquerading as humor!  When they finally don’t have the stomach to do the fourth or fifth straight to bargin bin Supah Sto’ DVD retelling of Hollywood Chiuaua and cast their jaded eye on El Santo, they’d better think twice.  After an epic FAIL making El Santo look like a total ass, Mexico will rise up as one and finish off the Reconquista of it’s lost territory North of the Rio Grande.  Well, maybe not.

  • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

    This was fun, always happy to see more El Santo on your show!

    • Thanks, I’ll never get tired of him!

  • edharris1178

    This looks amazing.  Great video as always, Jerry.

    ETA: Did a little research and it turns out that weird octopus thing nobody ever mentions is from a 1959 movie called La Nave de los Monstruos. Apparently it’s about a couple of space women who come to Earth to try and mate with a singing cowboy…Yeah.

    • Haha, thanks Ed, and yeah, I found out about that afterwards, apparently both movies are in the same continuity now xD

      Makes sense to me.

      But seriously…what WAS that thing?

  • I wonder…. Seeing the films featuring El Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras has made me think: Why hasn’t anyone tried this kind of concept of films with wrestlers we have here in the U.S. or even in Japan?

    Or rather, Could these kinds of films work here in the U.S.?