Santa with Muscles (1996) (part 7 of 11)

Cut to Lenny at another Futuristic ATM, again trying to rip Hulk off. He pulls out the glass with Hulk’s thumbprint on it, just as an all-too-familiar ice cream truck passes behind him. Strangely, the tune blaring from the truck is not “Pop Goes the Weasel”, but rather the theme to Alfred Hitchcock Presents [?], which sadly won’t be the last Hitchcock reference in the movie.

Lenny rolls the smudged glass over the thumbprint scanner, but the ATM complains that it’s his right thumbprint and he needs to place his left thumb on the scanner. Though, how a machine can tell the difference between a right and left thumbprint, and not the difference between an actual thumb and a print on a glass is beyond me. So much for that future utopia.

Lenny goes into a crying fit, just as Dr. Blight and Mr. Vial come up behind him. For very unclear reasons, Blight is now wearing a Breathe-Right strip across his nose [?]. Blight tells Lenny that Ebner Frost wants to speak to him right now, and the goons toss Lenny in the truck and speed off.

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Multi-Part Article: Santa with Muscles (1996)

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