Santa with Muscles (1996) (part 5 of 11)

Anyway, Hulk heads outside, and at the front entrance, he asks Lenny where his sleigh is. Of course, the same adoring crowds are still surrounding the two of them like groupies. Geez people, get lives! It’s not like it’s Joey Lawrence or something!

Lenny makes up some anti-amusing excuses for the lack of a sleigh, and then takes Hulk on over to his scooter [!]. The crowds wave goodbye as we’re treated to the wonderful sight of Hulk Hogan in a Santa costume riding on the back of a moped. You know folks, it just doesn’t get any better than this. No, seriously. It doesn’t get any better. Get out while you still can.

Santa with Muscles (1996) (part 5 of 11)

A huge guy on a moped! It’s comedy gold!

Back over at the Frost “mansion”, Dr. Blight tries to hand Frost a report, but Frost does a really tired bit where he sprays disinfectant all over the report first. Look, Mr. Begley, if it didn’t work on this script, it’s not going to work on that report.

Dr. Blight expresses concern that the Upside Down Guy they’re torturing isn’t going to “sell”, which is immediately followed by him yelling, “I’ll sell! I’ll sell!” Cut to him still being tortured by the three henchman. Well, actually, the henchman are just standing around him and being annoying as hell, but that’s torture enough I guess.

From inside the mansion, Frost tells the guy to be “out by Christmas.” I have to assume Frost is speaking into a video camera, but that’s not made very clear. So it looks like Begley is just softly speaking and hoping the guy will hear him through the window and all the way across the lawn.

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Multi-Part Article: Santa with Muscles (1996)

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