Santa with Muscles (1996) (part 3 of 11)

Meanwhile, back in Lakeville, the Hulkster is making his way through the bowels of the mall, cruising through those unpainted corridors behind all the stores. In a deserted corner, he just happens upon a clothing rack holding elf costumes and a Santa suit. What luck!

Hulk grabs the Santa suit and hides in a supply closet, just as Clint Howard and another deputy show up on the scene. They walk right past, and a split-second later, Hulk emerges to blaring Christmas-y music, now dressed as Santa Claus. And he’s got muscles!

Santa with Muscles (1996) (part 3 of 11)

He knows when you’ve been sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. And if you’re watching this movie, odds are it’s the former.

Hulk turns and the deputies are like, right there in his face. They question “Santa” about seeing a nutcase in fatigues run past, but Hulk just plays along and says he didn’t see anything. Having skillfully pulled one over on these exceedingly clever deputies, Hulk turns and walks off. Unfortunately, he comes face to face with a redheaded kid and his dad.

The kid is overjoyed to see Santa, and a comic “bit” is made of him unfurling a huge list of the things he wants for Christmas. One of the items on the list is a “Hulk Hogan doll”, yuk yuk. Of course, the really comic part is I have no idea what this kid and his dad are doing wandering the bowels of the mall in the first place. Hey, kid? You see that sign that says “Employees Only”? That’s not just a suggestion.

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Multi-Part Article: Santa with Muscles (1996)

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