Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972) (part 8 of 11)

Then it’s back to the Drive Thru Speaker. After several abrupt shots of Butterface that are only partially in focus (Although, it’s kind of hard to tell. Is she blurry, or is it just her eyes?), the Speaker tells us that Pauli Girl felt “trapped about the marriage” to ODB, but “she had decided to go through with it, only to help me!”

We then see Susan B. Mole telling Pauli Girl that “I know he is an older man. But he is very rich!” Hey, what more do you need?

Pauli Girl wants to know why she can’t just stay with Mrs. Mole forever, and the mole starts bitching that her “store of food and things left by my husband is running out!” Apparently, Pauli has quickly been eating her way through it all. Well, what did you expect? When you get stoned, you get hungry.

Pauli Girl cries, “Oh dear! I didn’t know I had been imposing on you! Isn’t there something I can do to help?” Mrs. Mole suddenly backpedals, mentioning how Pauli has been helping out by doing the dishes, and the laundry, and some other chores. Talk about doing a real passive-aggressive number on her head.

Mrs. Mole tells her to “seriously consider ODB’s offer.” She adds, “Most girls would be flattered!” But a significant minority would be utterly repulsed. Pauli Girl then cops another attitude. “Oh, I am flattered, don’t misunderstand me! It’s just that, well, I thought love and romance were beautiful things! Not just a practical affair!”

Mole Steinem warns that “once you get as old as I am, you realize that one has to be practical!” Mrs. Mole says Pauli should marry ODB, and “that way, I will know you will be taken care of… FOREVER.” Oh, there’s nothing ominous-sounding about that at all. On that note, Mrs. Mole says it’s time for bed and leaves.

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Multi-Part Article: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972)

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