Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972) (part 6 of 11)

The Drive Thru Speaker informs us that Pauli Girl has “disappeared”. Not from the rest of this movie, unfortunately, but only from Aging Bostonian Spinster’s house, which made the Spinster “very sad”. All of this happens completely off screen, by the way. Actually, most of the important plot points (if you can call them that) happen off screen, and we only learn about them from the Drive Thru Speaker. There’s something vaguely Orwellian about getting all of our information from a barking speaker.

Caption contributed by Albert

So, which one is he supposed to be, “Bud” or “Er”? (I know he’s not “Wise” in any sense of the word.)

Anyway, we catch a glimpse of Butterface still staring glassy-eyed at the diorama, which now contains an empty walnut shell. Then we find Mom Frog and Son Frog together, and the two frog costumes are utterly identical. I mean, at least do a Ms. Pac Man and put a bow on one of them so we can tell them apart.

The two frog kidnappers sit in a dark part of the woods, discussing their new hostage, Pauli Girl. Mom Frog tells her son that she brought him a wife, asking, “Isn’t she beautiful?” The Son Frog replies, “Ribbit. Ribbit.” Yep. I’d plead the fifth on that question, too.

Mom Frog announces that she’s going to prepare “your house where you will live together!” and while she’s doing that, she’s going to set Pauli Girl on a lillypad, “so she can’t escape!” Hey, that sure sounds like a foolproof plan to me.

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Multi-Part Article: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972)

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