Watch Samuel L. Jackson Chew Up Some Scenery In This New ‘Robocop’ Remake Trailer

Because there is nothing new under the sun, there is a “Robocop” reboot that is going to get all up in your grill soon. We have feels about this, not because original Robocop was so good (BECAUSE IT WASN’T YOU GUYS) but because we’re not sure why it needs to be remade. That said, this trailer that begins wtih Samuel L. Jackson quasi-TED-talking his way into ‘Merica getting all drone and robot-policed might change our minds, but we’re going to wait and see how the crucial Michael Keaton/Gary Oldman balance works out. If it tips Oldman, we’re in. But if “Robocop 2” gets a reboot, we will burn the earth to the ground.


The film isn’t in theaters until February of 2014, so sit tight, people.

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