RAW FEED: Sailor Moon Vlogs Ep. 4

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  • JD

    The animations get better

  • Jay_Bay

    I’m just gonna keep my lip shut as u are gonna take these one episode at a time and just agree with JD that the animation seems to be getting better. Then again, I am not an artist so I couldn’t tell anyways. I do like the Sailor attacks in motion, too bad they…..see, almost blab it out. Shutting up now.

  • danbreunig

    Isn’t this current series supposed to be a more condensed but truer take of the manga?
    I thought that’s what you said before. Still, there must be something substantial about it if I can watch the Crystal series (only my second exposure ever to the Mooniverse) and already go into each episode thinking “is this the point where [blank event] happens like in PGSM?” and sure enough does. I agree that the animation quality is better and whatever distraction you had earlier should be fixed now. The Scouts still have their legs as half their body mass, though; but the fight scenes are rather cool.

    • JD

      Well the original animated series was like 48 episodes for the dark kingdom arc.
      they are doing 24? for this one so every thing will be happening more quickly for this one. Venus didn’t even show up till episode 33 in the 1st series.
      no filler episodes like
      “Kitty Chaos” or the Naru/Molly story lines.