RAW FEED: Sailor Moon Crystal - Episode 3 VLOG

Thoughts on episode 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal – episode 3!

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  • JD

    I think this was the best episode so far.loved the transformation for Rei, if Usagi acted like that over rei whats she going to think of Minako?
    Good story, younged up Mamoru,cause as you said, super creepy in 2014 if hes in college.
    Was Ami wearing the computer glasses?
    I do think they paid a homage to the Studio Ghibli, they said Spirited Away twice,and thats the 1st thing i thought of so i guess subtle was the word.
    So in the original anime did they have the appropriate planet behind them during the transformations? Just wondering.

    BWT At the end of each episode( i checked) they have à suivre before the credits roll, which is french for “To be continued” which was sort of weird to me for a Japanese show.

  • Muthsarah

    These reviews should be in 3D. Like…seriously.

    “Everyone’s limbs turn to rubber.”

    Adventure Time
    C’mon grab your friends
    We’ll go to ve-
    ry Distant lands….

  • Jay_Bay

    I forgot about my thoughts for when I watch it today. BTW, these 2 weeks an episode is getting my confused often, and it shouldn’t be. I almost forgot to watch it today when I got up. Only from someone showing off Rei’s hand as Sailor Mercury on Twitter that I realized “Oh shit, that’s on today.”

    The “strong Christian overtones” between Usagi and Rei seems a lot more…muted than the last episode with Ami. This one was more like Usagi admiring Rei’s beauty and thsi leads into my other point. This episode didn’t had the “awkward gap” that the last 2 episodes had (the stare down between Usagi and Luna that last a bit too long in 1 and Usagi seeming flirting with Ami in 2). Dunno if that was gonna be a thing or not, but there wasn’t one in 3 so I guess not.

    Was Usagi was suppose to be in middle school the whole time? Man, it seem to me that they were in high school when Mamarou was in college. The more you know, I guess.

    I caught the Spirited Away line (there was a pause before it to set it up). It was on purpose, for sure.

    Unfortunately, there is an episode between Rei and Makoto to set up the “jeweled macguffian”. Almost there tho (you know Jupiter is my favorite too).

    Man, how do one of the most influential anime of ALL TIME in ALL THE WORLD couldn’t get any company to put money into this without having them outsource for filling. What in all the fucks? I guess the fact I didn’t notice it until people say something.

    I still like the episode overall. Jusst one more episode until Jupi….wait, they are still animating episodes? They had a 2 YEAR GAP ( with who knows how long before the initial announcements). Oh man.

    • “Was Usagi was suppose to be in middle school the whole time? Man, it seem to me that they were in high school when Mamarou was in college.”

      I know I’m basing my recollection on the 90s English dub, but wasn’t Serena(Usagi) like 14 and Darian(Mamaru) like 20 back then? At least this time there is only 3 years difference between them.

      • Jay_Bay

        so in other words, the 90s english dub just gloss over that so people now has like 3 different versions on what the ages are.

        • JD

          I guess in the live action they never really said if he was about to graduate HS or college. he went to London to study but that could have been HS or college

  • While it’s not likely to happen, I’m hoping Usagi will act all Wakaba-like all over Rei(Utena).