RAW FEED: Sailor Moon Crystal - Episode 2 VLOG


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  • jjramsey

    So you’re, uh, fired up for the episode with Rei?

  • Jay_Bay

    *comes in wearing some bleached metal armor* Ok, don’t worry. I got your back and…..no flames are here. Then nevermind I guess. I can just say about my thoughts on Ep. 2

    I am definitely not an observant guy. I hardly notice most things going on unless it has to absolutely involves me. Kinda self centered a bit. And even I notice the change in animation, though it doesn’t bother me. I can see how someone more apt in the drawing/animation fields will fine that maddening. Also, you underestimate your fanbase. We been around for a while now. I think we can accept that it’s your opinion and that your opinion does not have to effect our enjoyment of this episode. Right guys (and gals)?

    Keeping on with the animation, even with the degrade in quality from the first episode, I noticed something. It seems the degrade brought some freaking emotion to their faces. You could tell what emotions Usagi, Ami, and others are portraying. It is so relieving….or it could be that I am getting used to it pretty quickly. Once again, not very observant.

    Episode is good, nice to get a little side story/vinette/whatever on Ami beforehand. Wonder if we get that for each of the other Scouts. Also, that battle cry of Mercury….it is….something. Also also, now I don’t care who you are. I am accepting of most things. But….there was a lot of “strong Christian overtones” between Usagi and Ami, right?

    • danbreunig

      Funny how I noticed that Mechanical Fowl reference here and not the shift in the episode’s animation quality that’s talked about.

      So 26 planned episodes would make this the most condensed/simplified version of the Mooniverse? Only #2 so far and already I’m having a lotta fun with the show.

  • JD

    I didn’t see any foreshadowing that Rei would be in the next episode.
    but with the reveal there will only be 26 episodes she will most likely be introduced in episode 3 ,no messing around with filler episodes for this version.

  • One good thing about this episode is that thanks to seeing a laptop with what appears to be Windows 7 on it, I finally can stop wondering if this SMC is modern day or set in the 1990s.

  • Alexa

    One thing I noticed considerably was the weird shape and proportion of Luna’s body near the end of the ep. I was like “Luna, what happen to your body!” It was unnerving. Everything else you mentioned I did notice, except for the eye thing. I think I did see it but I didn’t think it was that bad. But yeah pretty sloppy here, let’s hope for better animation next time =)

  • Animikean

    Have you seen this re-animation?
    not exactly in your ballywick but thought you’d enjoy knowing about it,

    • Magdalen

      I have! Pretty neat stuff ūüôā