Your Sadly All-Too-Often Dose Of Dawkins-Related Douchebaggery

Normally the whole skeptic-atheist-terrible-dude thing isn’t our beat because it is ably covered elsewhere with both more and less swearing, giving you a wide range of swear options, but given that Richard Dawkins has taken to being terrible on an almost-constant basis, we figured we should jump into the fray. This terribleness is a bit more attenuated, as it is only the bad behavior of a conference Dawkins is attending, but we’re gonna go out on a limb and say that like meets like:


An all-white, all-male Very Important London science talk — Richard Dawkins is one of the headliners — preemptively told nutty super-sensitive “feminists” (their quotes, not ours) to go on Facebook and Twitter if they wanted to “drone on about the lack of women” in the line-up. When they did, the site crashed and the hosts deleted the “joke.”


BWAHAHAHAHAH — wait. Not even the least bit funny, actually. Can’t figure out for the life of me why ladyparted or ladyidentified or nonladyhating people wouldn’t just super have loved your invite, bro-scientists. You seem so warm and welcoming.

Closed-circuit pro-tip to dudebros: this is not the way to get ladies or any non-jerkwad people of any flavor to your event or, well, anywhere. BE LESS TERRIBLE.

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