Sad aging beardo hipster Gavin McInnes is no longer relevant and it is definitely feminism’s fault

Sad Aging Beardo Hipster Gavin McInnes Is No Longer Relevant And It Is Definitely Feminism's FaultDudes, are you feeling sadbashed by feminism, what with its telling ladies they can do what they want and aren’t bound by some nonsense biological imperative bullshit? Ladies, do you wish that some onetime hipster who has aged well out of cultural relevance would explain to you what you really want? Of course you do. Don’t worry your little head about it, because Gavin McInnes, cofounder of “Vice,” is here to yell at you, and don’t worry dudes, because this bearded slab of dumb has got your back.

HuffPo Live had a conversation about the changing definition of masculinity, and inexplicably asked McInnes to particpate. They also had the temerity to ask a lady, Mary Anne Franks, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Miami School of Law, because of course the beta males that run HuffPo had to yield to the angry feminists and ask a lady to talk when we know that this is Man Talk and ladies should shut their piehole.


McInnes spent most of his time, when he wasn’t yelling at Franks, reading some MRA mad libs:

“Why are all you wimps taking it for granted that violence is bad and that being macho is bad? That’s how we got here. The idea that this beta male is powerful and in control is what? 20, 30 years old? You’re going against 40,000 years of evolution.”

If only we still lived in caves and handsome devil Gavin McInnes, whose main accomplishment in life is founding a crappy magazine that people now mock relentlessly, would for sure be the leader of the menz AND the wimmenz, because relevant life skills. He explained, though, that even though his job is running a new different crappy website, Street Carnage, he spends plenty of time getting his macho on over there, because there are “elements of violence, or at least toughness” in his workplace and that he discusses things “almost like a fistfight, with words.” Sorry, be right back. Running over to Street Carnage to put in job application because that sounds delightful.

Oh, wait. We went and looked at that thing. There’s an “Archie Bunker for President” sticker, presumably because McInnes isn’t smart enough to get the joke that Caroll O’Connor played Bunker as a caricature of everything stupid about blowhard racist men. There’s some feature called Instaboner, which we thought would be pictures of ladies, at least, but is instead a crappy Instagram knockoff, maybe because McInnes is just too fucking macho for a regular wussy photo service? Darn. Guess we won’t be applying there. And too bad, really, because while we were there, we could have the chance to learn more from the great Mr. McInnes. Things like this:

“Women are forced to pretend to be men. They’re feigning this toughness. They’re miserable. Study after study has shown that feminism has made women less happy. They’re not happy in the work force, for the most part.”

To be fair, it is amazing he got through all five sentences without calling women in the workplace “ballbusters,” because you know that shit is part of his vocab on the regular. But listen, ladies, it is only because he loves you and wants to live up to your potential to nurture life! Modern society has “trivialized childbirth” and now you don’t know how to do what your biology and Gavin McInnes need you to do: make babies.

As the segment came to an end, McInness unleashed a tirade about “40-somethings” who he says pursue a career and end up frantically taking hormones and searching for surrogates to have children.

He also took the time to tell the lady lawyer that she was going to be one of those lonely frantic old maids who wants a baby more than anything, and when she had the temerity to point out that was kind of a bullshit thing to say and was rooted in some weird terror about losing your traditional masculine role, he had a solid, well-researched, polite response: to yell at her and call her a fuckin’ idiot. Put bitchez in their place, yo.


In case you were feeling like you needed more crucial information from McInnes about social issues of the day, he also informed us that any assertion that gun shootings were on the rise is a “quantifiable myth.” We buy that! Except for the part where people that actually quantify it show otherwise.

After the HuffPo chat ended, McInnes took to his own incisive blog over at Street Carnage to explain that HuffPo cut his mike before he got a chance to rip off his headphones and say “Fuck this shit. You people are all insane.” Yeah, that really would have added to the discussion. Very nuanced. Also, too, he is done with the left. Done!

I’ve had enough. I’m never talking to these people ever again. They are all insane. When you say feminism has made women miserable, they call it a “Fantasy study.” I find that way more insulting that calling someone a “fucking idiot.” I gave up on professors a long time ago but as of now, I officially give up on the left.

Um, dude? You already write for conservononsense website Takimag, most famous for posting a racist rant from King Racist John Derbyshire about how to talk to your white kids about how scary the blacks are. You’re kinda not on the left thanks to the racism and the sexism, so we won’t shed any tears for your pretend ragequit. Bye-bye.


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