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Cheapus reviews the one and only feature film starring S Club (née S Club 7), in which the wildly successful UK pop group finds themselves being cloned by a mad scientist for reasons that certainly must have made sense to the screenwriters.

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  • The_Stig

    Well, to this film’s credit it seems like it tried to be more like “Help!” than A Hard Day’s Night which every other film in the “cashing in on a musical act’s popularity” movie seems to do (except for the concert movies). Which is something, I guess.

    I honestly can’t wait for the inevitable One Direction Hard Day’s Night ripoff. I really, really can’t and for all the wrong reasons.

    • Liam Barrett

      I suspect by the time the One Direction movie gets proposed, they’ll all be too used and abused for it.

  • I have to say about Hannah, she does have something resembling a career out of this lot. In fact, being on Primeval is one of the big reasons she’s going to be at the Midlands MCM Expo Con. It’s hard to believe that she’s in her 30s now and still looks cute/hot as ever! Yeah, a lot of boys came of age seeing her strip in the shower. I already did from seeing Jet on Gladiators!

    S Club did catch my short attention when I was a kid, mainly since they were all over kids TV programming at one point as well as being a chart success, but they weren’t the right choice for this sort of movie. This sounded like it should have been done for a parody pop group seeing the events of this film knowing how pop group images are so squeaky clean and taken as a big corporate commodity. It seems like the pop music industry almost dropped a massive bollock by even passing a premise like this with an actual pop act.

    Good to see an old episode on here. Is it the 10th anniversary of the film or something? Giving this 50p pop group movie tour de force it’s due? :P

    • Liam Barrett

      No reason for this being posted up here than I’ve been insanely busy lately with other projects. Work shall begin on new episodes shortly.

      And Hannah has barely aged a day in the last decade. It’s quite scary.

      • Thomas Stockel

        Some people are blessed with good genes.  Still, we should keep an eye on her, see whether or not any headless corpses wind up in the town she is living in, weird electrical phenomena, etc.

  • Muthsarah

    Hmmm…I don’t remember hearing about this group at all.  Then again, they seem like the kind of thing one would forget about almost instantly.  So I guess this is a pretty successful film adaptation for them.  Doubly so since, unlike Spice World, it actually looks like something you could watch if you’re in the mood for some odd cheese.

    It’s a shame, though, that there seem to be so very many ways they could have made something out of this preimse:  What about putting a manufactured, fluffy pop band into an actual Hammer-style horror film, and then have most of them get killed off one-by-one, in increasingly gruesome ways?  Start off Scooby-Doo and go House of Wax.  Have Christopher Lee show up and kill one of them; everyone can enjoy that.  It’s not like they’re really dead or anything, they can keep putting out more albums.  Or take that cloning thing much further, and go into a sci-fi direction, make the villain’s plans actually succeed at first and have the band wandering around a dystopian future where bad pop acts turned against their masters and now rule the world.  They can still crack stupid lil’ jokes.  Just…do something unexpected with them.  Something shocking.  Something to maybe entice non-fans to come and see it too.  Was this movie even a success?

    Again, this doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as Spice World, but…well…it looks like just another brand of disappointment: something that had a germ of a brain, a smidgen of ambition, or at least had a solid premise, and chose not to do anything with it.

    • Liam Barrett

      I have to be honest with you, I kind of… get a kick out of Spice World.

      • The_Stig

        Seriously, Liam. You people produced the freaking Beatles and the Rolling Stones. THIS IS NOT A STEP UP. 

      • Muthsarah

        Yeah, I’ve heard the arguments.  You’re not such an odd duck that I’m either surprised or inclined to hold that against you.  FWIW, I suspect that much of my antipathy to that movie has to do with the Spice Girls’ (once) absurd overexposure.  I never WANTED to like it.  Though I think it’s just so annoying and aggressively braindead that I wouldn’t have liked it even if I had given it a fair shake.  I hope.

        I think I could actually get into this movie (with a lot of wine), simply because I can see it for what it is – a goofy, gleefully stupid cash grab – and nothing more.

        P.S. Do you dance this much when you’re out at a pub?  For all your poo-pooing it, it looks like you’re having fun.

        • Liam Barrett

          When I’m at a club I’m a dancing MACHINE

    • John Wilson

      Or it could go the other go the other way by having the clones to something bad or have a inactive clone to make people think the person overdose or something.  And have the Illuminati or whoever put out their own replicant like pop stars that do whatever they want while screwing the real ones over. And whatever happen to hammer type films? all we get most of the time now a days are gritty remakes or just gritty movies. I like to have fun with my movies:). 

  • Inky

    Oh, hey! I remember this band. Their show aired on Fox Kids over here in America. I don’t remember much about them other than their music was really catchy and they seemed popular. (I actually didn’t listen to pop music at all as a kid, so if I remember them it must mean they were pretty popular over here in the states, too…)

  • Ciy

    Man do i feel old after watching this. Good review. I didn’t now S Club had their own movie, then again i wasn’t into much pop music. 

    • MephLord

       I remember S Club 7’s song “S Club Party” and thinking it was super cheesy but pretty innocent.  S Club 7 in L.A. now that show was bad.  Between that and Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, 2003 was a bad year to watch music television. 

  • Haha, S Club has the power of out of nowhere music videos xD

  • And you have to write that “Terminator The Musical”

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I only knew Hannah Spearritt from “Primeval” and I absolutely liked her there. To see her in this… well, she was a good actress then and is a good actress now. ^^