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Russell Crowe Finally Gets To Meet Pope Francis And The Heavens Rejoice

Russell Crowe Finally Gets To Meet Pope Francis And The Heavens Rejoice

You remember how Russell Crowe was all sad panda that the Pope didn’t want to meet him and cuddle together in a movie theater to watch Crowe’s new Bible-banging/bashing (depending on whom you ask) epic, Noah? And then he had a meeting but it got cancelled? After much whining and persistence, Crowe finally got his wish. See? Prayer works!


Crowe, 49, had a brief meeting with the Pontiff and the pair were able to have a short discussion.
The actor said of his audience with the Pope: ‘The Holy Father showed a great level of consistency with the things he’s been saying and things he’s been doing…It was an incredible privilege to be invited.

And then Crowe tweeted about it, because this is the modern age.

[The meeting was] seemingly confirmed by Crowe, who on Twitter that night wrote ‘ciao Roma, my love for your eternal light just grows deeper. Thank you holy father @Pontifex for the blessing.’

Do you think that Crowe knows that the Pope blesses everything? That’s pretty much his whole job.

Also, we are surprised that Crowe is only 49, because he has been playing Grizzled Angry Somewhat Historical Man for so long (Gladiator, Man of Steel, Les Mis, and now Noah) we thought he was like Anthony Hopkins’s age. Also, we just learned that Anthony Hopkins is also in Noah. Does he play God? We do not know! Next, “it was an incredible privilege to be invited” is the new “it’s a thrill just to be nominated.”

Crowe also weighed in on Muslim countries banning the film, and his reaction can solidly be described as


Crowe said: ‘To be frank, given that it is a tenet of the Muslim religion that you can’t make stories or render images about the Prophet, it was not unexpected that some Islamic nations would ban the film.’

It’s also not unexpected that conservative Christians would get all het up about the film because it wasn’t just a book report on the King James Version of the Bible. At least we think that’s what they’re mad at. What will they do with their rage now that the Pope met with Crowe and perhaps didn’t actually burn the film as the devil’s work? Haha trick question they already hate this pope because he does not hate ladies and gays enough and also too loves poor people. It’s because of all that we’ll forgive him for succumbing to Russell Crowe’s no doubt bearded and gruff demands. Team New Pope Forever.

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