Rupert Murdock Takes Over the National Geographic Channel…

Rupert Murdock Takes Over the National Geographic Channel...

Rupert Murdoch officially took control of National Geographic this week with a massive layoff of 180 people. And today, he’s released the new programming schedule for Nat Geo network…


8/7 PM: THE BEAUTY OF THE SAHARA: Why Climate Change Would Be Just Fine If It Were Happening, Which It Isn’t


9/8 PM: KUDZU, PYTHONS & KILLER BEES: Nature’s Deadly Illegal Immigrants



8/7 PM: LAMPREYS SUCK: Parasites Living Large on the Backs of Manly, Hardworking, Self-Reliant Sharks

9/8 PM: THE DECLINE AND FALL OF ANCIENT GREECE: How Homosexuals Killed Democracy



8/7 PM: 4,000 B.C.: Exploring the World of Dinosaurs

9/8 PM: STAR TALK WITH TOM SELLECK: Hollywood’s Most Conservative Celebrities Speak Out against the Industry That Made Them Rich



8/7 PM: THE UNLIMITED LOVE OF OUR HEAVENLY CREATOR: Why the Bible Says Oil Will Never Run Out Despite All those Famines, Droughts, Extinctions, and Shortages He Allowed throughout History, Including in The Bible

9/8 PM: THE MYTH OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION: Why It DIdn’t Really Happen (And Was FDR’s Fault Anyway)



8/7 PM: DO WE SERIOUSLY NEED 1,925 TYPES OF SNAILS?? The Case for Letting Some of These Damned Species Go Extinct Already

9/8 PM: TALES FROM THE E.R.: Why Poor People Are Just Fine without Health Insurance


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