VIDEO: The Rugrats Movie (1998)

Joey gets nostalgic over The Rugrats Movie, the first feature-length film based on the popular Nickelodeon series from the ’90s. Let’s see if we need to change this movie’s diapey!

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  • tj

    I flat out love this movie. Is it perfect? No way,. but nostalgia plus being a good movie makes it great. First up, the devolpemt is amazing. I hate the “new baby takes attenttion” cliche but this movie did it right by having tommy TRY to adjust to dill, no matter what. The the point where it even becomes an issue, like when he saves dill from the ocean instead of chuckie. That’s only the start of how fan-freaking-tastic this movie is at that.

    Which leads to another thing: It’s my toy story 3. Yes, i cried at this movie…and i still do. That scene where Tommy almost gives dill up to some monkey’s only to regret it and then they bond? MAN-TEARS. Plus, spike almost dying and then Tommy giving up his reral wish to bring him back ? DAMN

    I even like Dill cuz of the devolpment he brought, like i said before. He was even good in the show proper…but the less said about kimi, the better.

  • $36060516

    I never saw the cartoon, wasn’t in the age range and didn’t have cable at the time, but thanks for the interesting background on the Russian fella!

    • tedzey71

      You’re welcome! Now here’s a trip… Imagine watching his shorts back to back with Jan Svankmajers’!

  • It’s odd that you compare both Dil and Poof as flat, inconsequential characters even though they’re voiced by the great Tara Strong. She most likely took the role because it was fun to do a baby voice and she does have an expansive range so if she wanted to do it to boost her already impressive resume, that’s cool enough.

    Come to think of it, there were a lot of prolific voice actors on this show. Kath Soucie, EG Daily, Cree Summer etc. I know I just keep name-dropping voice actors I know instead of contributing anything worthwhile to the discussion, but it just interests me so much to see how far their careers and vocals go.

    • tedzey71

      I generally feel that Klasy Csupso had a great affinity for attracting good voice talent to their projects. The best that I could think of is Jason Alexander as Duckman! Yeah… I generally had a small crush on E.G.Daily as a kid 🙂

      • Sardu

        I have a great big chubby for E.G. right now.

    • Liam

      Well Tara Strong does a lot of baby vocals for some reason-not just these two but also Bebe and Cece on The Proud Family, The baby from Ice Age, some random toddlers on Family Guy, the list goes on. Not to knock her getting work but I’m surprised they don’t just get archival footage of baby sounds and use that for those characters.

  • Jason Withrow

    I liked Kimi, but she didn’t exactly fill much of a niche. With Phil and Lil the show already had its sibling pair, and this movie did one of the only two plots they couldn’t possibly cover (the other being older-and-younger sibling dynamics, I suppose?). Both characters are pretty much there to make the movies bigger, and it’s funny to watch how they just kept doing it as time went on. This movie: one new character. Next movie: one new character, and her mom. Third movie: the entire cast of The Wild Thornberrys, and also the dog talks! It’s a good thing they didn’t do a fourth, the only way they’d possibly be able to introduce new characters is if they let the cast grow up so they can enter social settings of their own… ac…cord.

    • tedzey71

      That’s probably where you and I differ. The thing I like about “Rugrats” was how small everyday mishaps can result into larger than life adventures. Putting the babies into constantly large scenarios like they did with the sequels kind of turned it into a gimmick. After getting lost in the woods, they go to Paris, the jungle, etc. I just discovered “Rugrats in Paris” has a big following which I find surprising since I wasn’t crazy about the film! Might have to revisit it again…

      • Jason Withrow

        Oh, I wasn’t voicing any support for the movies doing that! In fact I think it’s their biggest failing. As for All Growed Up, I will cop to liking it more than I should but it does lose the primary appeal, which is why I paired it with the films. It’s like four parallel examples of missing your own point. :S

        • tedzey71

          Lol, I confuse myself when reading through my comments section… opps 😛

          • Jason Withrow

            lol, sorry, I didn’t mean YOUR point, I meant Klasky-Csupo. I am just banging around with bad communication today, my bad!

  • Misty

    This movie. Sigh. I’m old enough to have been around when the classic Rugrats episodes were brand new. King Ten Pin. Toy Palace. Visitors from Outer Space. The Sky is Falling. The Santa Experience. That was my Rugrats.

    Then the new seasons started up. Things weren’t so bad. Some episodes were close to the classics I love in terms of quality. Others were more obviously different (things always had to go very, very badly for Angelica, for example, compared to episodes where she’d get away clean), but it was enjoyable.

    Then I found out there was going to be a movie, and it would introduce a brand new character. I was excited: I couldn’t wait to see the movie. My family went to see it on Thanksgiving evening. I was ten years old. And holy hell was I thoroughly disappointed.

    If you haven’t figured it out already, I hate this movie and I freaking HATE Dil. Dil ruined the series, no doubt about it. Because Dil didn’t do a damn thing, ever. The most he ever did was yell single word catchphrases and throw things because he’s an utter brat. And he just dragged the entire show down. Episodes that weren’t Dil-centric had to feature Dil, and if Dil was around, they don’t do anything because Dil can’t do anything, he doesn’t have any personality at all. Dammit, the point of Rugrats wasn’t about real babies, but they ended up doing just that.

    Kimi is a superior character because she actually says more than one word at a time and does stuff (or at least as much as the series would allow with Dil dragging everyone down). Rugrats in Paris was a much better movie because the other characters were able to ignore Dil in order to do things and have a plot (versus “well he doesn’t mean to be a jerk even though almost everything is his fault and we’re not going to accomplish anything despite being in the woods”). I would have never thought a movie about Chuckie would have been good a decade prior, but when the series sunk that low, it could only go up.

    Adding Kimi to the show didn’t save it, and I gave up well before the first season featuring her was finished. Hell, I barely watched the show at that point if it was a post-Rugrats Movie episode because I couldn’t stand Dil.