RAW FEED: Rose’s lullaby (Fan made Steven Universe song.)

So yeah, this is a music number I made and intend to use for a cosplay show this november.
The picture in the right corner is me in some of the costume I made as well for the show, yup, that sword is handmade!


I know
We’ll never see each other.
I know
You’ll grow up without a mother.
Still I hope
That you will know.
When you love yourself
That will be me, loving you with all my heart.

I fought
A war for this earth.
And I
Would do it again but first
I hope you know
I’m fighting this foe
So you can be free and live happily.

(Instrumental piece.)

Oh my friends
My crystal gems.
You must protect him so he can be safe.

Let him live
So he can be free
And be what ever he wish to be.

(Hymns first part of verse.)

Now I must go
I must leave all though.
You will always have my love.
Forever more.


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