Here Is Your Ronan Farrow Update, From Your Number One Ronan Farrow News Source From Here On Out

Here Is Your Ronan Farrow Update, From Your Number One Ronan Farrow News Source From Here On OutWhat is up with Ronan Farrow?

He is getting “razzed” by Chris Matthews, for totally and utterly being the secret love child of Frank Sinatra (gross) and Mia Farrow (cool).

MSNBC President Phil Griffin hosted a launch party, Wednesday night, for Hardball host Chris Matthews‘ new book Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked. Following a toast by Griffin, Matthews delivered several minutes of off-the-cuff remarks, including a riff on new MSNBC host Ronan Farrow‘s parentage. He told the crowd that he was “trying to figure out who the father is,” and put Ronan on the spot by announcing “he’s gonna tell us who his dad was.”


Matthews then turned to Ronan Farrow, saying “I actually almost got some news today, I was trying to figure out who the father is, Ronan’s father is today, and he’s gonna tell us who his dad was, huh?”

“You’re always busting my chops,” Farrow said, to laughter from the room.

“I’m thinking it’s Frankie,” Matthews said. “You look exactly like Frankie.”

“You’re no called ‘Young Blue Eyes,’ do you know that?” Matthews said, then added “This is Hardball.”

No, Chris Matthews, that’s not Hardball. That’s just rude. You basically just sexually harassed Ronan Farrow, by putting him in a position where he couldn’t say “get your figurative hand off my leg, dick,” because of how he is joining your network and whatnot, and he is the pretty young thing and you are the old bull (gross again).

We are not ashamed to have a what-should-be-embarrassing new “thing” for Ronan Farrow, even though he is a gorgeous 25-year-old Yale Law/Rhodes scholar/Obama appointee stud, and we are a 40-year-old lady lying around in a week’s worth of leg stubble and a Jack Daniels Honey Liqueur haze (we swear, it was left here by some random Danes), because he also tweeted this:

you will be mine

Oh yes. He will be ours. (And apparently, Chris Matthews’s too.) That is not sexual harassment, because of how the power differential between Ronan Farrow and us is … um … fuck, we need some people to power-differential on, stat.

[Mediaite / Pic from Popsugar]

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