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This time, Sofie looks at a movie a little closer to home, meaning… all the way home. She reviews a very Danish movie: the 2011 animated fantasy parody Ronal the Barbarian!

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  • MichaelANovelli

    You got the order wrong, Sofie. :-P

    We still love you, though. ^_^

    • Sofie Liv

      What order?

      well.. glad you still like me.

      • MichaelANovelli

        It’s “shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits”; you said, “shit, piss, cunt, fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits”. Fuck comes before cunt, it flows better. You gotta be careful with that shit, motherfucker!

        • Sofie Liv

          oh… damn..

          • MichaelANovelli

            S’alright. :-)

          • Moo

            I found the way you confidently proclaimed that your cunt and tits are magnificent was kinda sexy. A shame I’ll never be close to either. :(

  • Jay_Bay

    Gimme a HELLS YEAH!!!! ROCK OUT!!!

  • Jay_Bay

    Or…Brutal Legend the movie…except good. Damn good.

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Well, middle-aged me only found these scenes from “Ronal the Barbarian” slightly amusing, but I bet 13-year-old me would have found this movie hilarious. You’re right, there’s no way an American animated movie would ever do anything like this- no matter if it was officially rated “R” (which is supposed to mean nobody under 17 gets into the theater without a parent, even though a lot of theaters don’t really enforce it strictly), there would be a lot of busy-bodies complaining.

    So, I guess you are a fan of George Carlin? (I noticed you quoted the “seven words you can’t say on television” bit when you listed curse words.) When I was growing up, my parents didn’t let me curse around the house, but they would let me watch movies or read books with cursing, as long as there was some sort of socially worthwhile content. Fortunately, that included comedy routines of people like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Bill Hicks, who all used social commentary as the basis of their profane and hilarious acts. Oh, and what was that last Danish comedy clip from? The costumes made me think it was a production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”, but maybe it’s another of those Danish things that nobody overseas knows about? Anyway, thanks for the good review, even if the movie itself looks only so-so.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, that was pretty much my reaction to it.. some of it was slightly amusing to me, but I became pretty tired of the movie pretty damn quick, and honestly though the teaser trailers were better than the actual movie.
      But glad you found it interesting enough.

      George Carlin is AWESOME!

      When I grew up my father and mother would curse on occasion, my mothers favourite swear is still to this day a very odd one to me. “Piss me in the ear!” .. what?
      And well, when me and my sister did it.. no one stopped us. So yeah.

      It’s a comedy group you guys have probably never ever heard about, they are called. “The sons of the desert.” and have made like.. six or seven life stage shows like this, all recorded and all showed, I grew up with these guys, and I own all of their DVD’s!

      Each of their shows are a two our sketch show with multiple sketches in them, and singing numbers as well, the guys are fantastic singers, singing very perversed versions of old classics, but always hillarious ^^
      The sort of humour you see in that clip, that is pretty much the same humour through-out all of their shows.

      • Bob_in_Baltimore

        When George Carlin died, it was pretty big news, and when the national TV news (I think it was NBC) did an end-of-the-year retrospective they included him in the segment on notable people who’d died. And they illustrated it with a concert clip of him doing the “seven words” routine. But, of course, they still don’t let you say those words on American television (at least not on the major networks at 7 PM), so the list came out as “*bleep*, *bleep*, *bleep*, *bleep*, *bleep*sucker, mother*bleep*, and *bleep*”. Which is of course about ten times funnier than the original list, and still makes Carlin’s point about censorship perfectly clear. (I especially like that they left the “sucker” and “mother” parts unbleeped, so it was obvious which words they were. Unless some viewers thought Carlin had invented new curses like “shitsucker” and “mothercuntfuck”.)

        Hmm, “Piss me in the ear” is definitely…original. I mostly don’t curse as an adult, not because I think it’s wrong, but so that when I do finally swear it will have much more impact. My favorite insult swear is probably “pigfucker”, favorite general swear is the Chinese phrase “ta ma de” (“fuck me blind”, which I learned from Firefly) and my favorite non-swear is “son of a motherless goat” (which I got from the movie Three Amigos.)

        • Sofie Liv

          Some-body should make a montage one day where they tried to “Bleep.” out all the most memorable Peter Jackson quotes…

          But yeah, George Carlin, the man was a great philosopher of life, even he never knew it. taught us so much, he is missed :,(

          maybe i should use it one day. “Piss me in the ear.” it will make the audience go. “Wait, what?”
          I genneral though, I try to avoid swearing. In my videos and in comedy, I do it on occasion, but I hope it’s not overwhelming swearing like in this movie.

          And in my every-day life, I try not to do it at all, and the reason why is very simple.

          If you ever feel the need to resort to swearing when in a debate or argument or what-ever, if that is what you have to fall back on. Swearing and name-calling.. you fail!

          It means you have no-where else to go, you hit the ceiling, there’s no-where but down, there’s no line of real defense, no thought and no respect. If some-one suddenly starts calling you names, it just means he has no-where else to go, he lost.

          So yeah, if some-one starts calling me. “Cocksucker.” i’ll most probably say. “Yeah you would like that wouldn’t you, any-ways back to the topic, which I all-ready won cause you resorted to call me cocksucker compleately diverting the actual issue.”

          And when it comes to comedy, it’s actually also the sort of same rule, if simple. “Swear words.” for the sake of swear words is what you have to fall back on, it’s a clear sign you are not smart enough to come up with any-thing else.

          Obviously swear words, poop jokes and toilet humour can be funny, but it also needs the right attitude and context.

          Just look at this video, I gave you three examples of what I consider great sex humour with that theatre play, and the same guys are not shy of lots of toilet humour as well, but when they do it, it’s all funny. It’s just that silly cocky attitude of theirs that makes it all so delightful, they are not trying to be ‘street cool.’ or any-thing, they are just being silly, and the joke becomes how. “not cool.” they are, but have fun.
          George Carlin swore a lot, but he was also a very intelligent man and always used the swears in some sort of context, having them make a point.

          Having swears being your fall-back in any situation is just fail, no matter what, it means you don’t have any-thing else, and that’s why I try to keep them out of my own languet.

          Not because it offends me or any-thing, it’s just pathetic to resort to it in a argument.

          • Bob_in_Baltimore

            Um, Sofie, I think you meant Samuel L. Jackson, not Peter Jackson. Although that would also be fun: “One *bleep* to *bleep* them all, and in the *bleep* *bleep* them.” :o

            Excellent points from you about why it is usually better not to swear too much. I just want to add that, when I hear someone in real life talking mainly in swear words, I usually assume it is because that person is not very intelligent, and that they are using swear words because they don’t know any other words. Unfortunately, that assumption is usually correct.

          • Jay_Bay

            I think that Samuel L. MOTHERFUCKING Jackson, I believe. chimichungas.

          • Sofie Liv

            Yes.. I did.. I have this weird condition that some-times that I think I wrote one word, look at it and still thinks it’s that word.. and then it’s actually some-thing else. I got slight dyslexia… :/

            yeah.. or they think using “Swear words.” makes them sound cool, edgy and gangsta.. and of cause, any-one whom has to resort to any-thing to be cool instead of just ‘being cool’ has all-ready failed. All you have left then is being pretentious and obnoxious.

            Being cool is all about being yourself and rest in yourself kids ;)

            And also never having to actually resort to swear words to win an argument.

  • You forgot fart, turd and twat! But those are just the three optional dirty words so they don’t really matter here (By the way, I’m sure the third one of those is ever so sweet on your end, or is that cunt? There’s too many damn vagina euphamisms! This fucking culture I swear!)

    Seriously though, I watched South Park when I was 8 and my parents didn’t give a shit about it. In fact, I had a South Park calender from them when I was 9. Maybe they just liked the fact I was enjoying the show and didn’t really get the proper context of some of the more verbal adult humour instead of the physical adult humour. I picked up on it much later though. This film seems like a mix of Conan the Barbarian, South Park and Brutal Legend to me and at an impressionable young age, I would have found this hilarious. But now, it just seems to get a bit of a laugh out of me, even with the clips you showed. Hey I haven’t completely matured! Who can say they have? Even with the most lowbrow shit, if it provokes a laugh from us, we’ll just take it and roll with it.

    I do remember you doing a short vlog on this a while back and I wondered if you would do a full review of it and it appears I’ve been answered. Now I know the full context of a more European attitude towards risque humour.
    And that damn Danish comedy troupe! I remember you having to pause and translate for me when i watched them with you! I still laughed because their comedic timing and body language seemed to break any language barriers there were (I know I’m too lazy to completely learn Danish, sue me!) regardless of your dilligent translation. I remember one skit where two of that troupe were dressed as two women in a half-improvised skit where even they would burst out laughing because of how funny it was. Is that link anywhere, with subtitles for that matter?

    • Sofie Liv

      and Twat even is such a lovely word, I don’t know i just find it amusing, so I kind of wanted to use it some more.

      Yeah I did.. (Jesus you’ve been with me for that long?) and since people wanted me to review a Danish movie, I sort of assumed this would be the one to spawn most interest and be easiest to work with.
      And again for me.. this is just typical dane humour, they just wanted to make a fantasy parody, so that’s what they went with.
      It didn’t even feel “Risque.” to me, it felt safe, so erh well.. yeah..

      And yeah, as you can tell, I sincerely love that group of comedians, they are hillarious in my eyes.

      • MichaelANovelli

        Twat is only a dirty word because it doesn’t mean anything else. Twat’s twat, and that’s that…

        • Sofie Liv

          I don’t really care, the word is awesome and easily sounds funny when used in a sentence.

          For some reason, some-body just calling some-one else. “You twat.” is always funny to me. It’s such a british word :D

          Britten has some great swears!

          • We pronounce a few swears differently as well. Americans say twat ‘twot’ and we say it “tw-aht.” On the flipside, I’ve heard them say bollocks as “bahlicks” while we just say it as “bollocks” (sorry can’t really do a phonetic one of that :P). I know I’m generalising here but some swears or insults just sound less natural when you cross a border. I don’t really like it when a British person says “douchebag” because it just feels like a more American insult (I first heard it used as an insult in Revenge of the Nerds, that’s probably why).

            Thank you though for acknowledging that the UK has great imported swears Sofie. And Michael, prick your finger, don’t finger your prick!

          • Sofie Liv

            I like the word “Douch.” or “Douchbag.” to myself though, that’s a great swear, just used it earlier today. “Man that guy in that episode was a douch.” X)

            But yeah, if there is some-thing Red Dwarf brought me, it was plenty of delightful swears ^^

  • The_Stig

    Well, it’s absolutely no surprise that this kind of movie is being made, because there’s a prominent heavy metal culture in Scandinavia. It’s why I love you guys so damn much :) This movie not only spoofs the fantasy genre but metal culture and imagery.

    And Sofie, the US has relaxed a LOT over the last 20 years on what would be considered objectionable material. Much of George Carlin’s most famous bit that you quoted is outdated today. You can now say about three of those Seven Words on TV in the states now and on the premium channels you can say all seven. They even allow penises to be shown onscreen as long as they’re flaccid.

    • Sofie Liv

      omg penises on screen? *am unimpressed.*

      The big hit danish life-action comedy movie from last year had an entire sequence about a couple of guys in a sauna, and one of the guys balls got stuc in that thing you sit on in a sauna, showing every-thing, on the big screen, in a comedy every-thing could just walk into… that movie also started out with a butt-shot, could have lived without that :/
      You have a loooong way to go yet.

      Sorry, but in our eyes you are still a bit uptight, so people can say tits on screen now.. yeah, why is that even a big deal. That’s just our attitude.

      Samuel Jackson yelling. “Motherfucker!” will always be glorius though, no matter when he says it. But again, I have trouble seeing it as any-thing else but words, not offensive, not. “Omg can’t believe she just said that?” no nothing, I feel nothing, I am empty inside..

      Well, thank you. And yeah, this movie did use a lot of metal music :D

      • The_Stig

        Hey, we’re making progress! I love Metal. So very very much. Metal is life!

        • Sofie Liv

          And if you keep making progress, maybe one day you will be able to make teen boy movies like this to :P

          Oh there’s lots of heavy metal over here, my group of friends hears it very often at our parties.. never really caught me though. My PC is filled with movie music, vaudville music, classical music, jazz music, a few more rocky bands, Queen and yeah.. my music choices can be considered little odd among my fellow geek friends.. I’m the only one I know whom has the entire Frank Sinatra platinium collection on my computer. What? it’s relaxing nice music!

          • The_Stig

            Let’s not go overboard. Crassness for its own sake just isn’t funny, but I liked the parts that took the piss out of metalheads and fantasy geeks. Anyway, the cultural differences are hardly fair. My ancestors were puritans, yours were Vikings, a culture famous for its inability to give a fuck. If you’ve ever seen a movie called Idiocracy, it’s about a future in which the average level of human intelligence has dipped so low that a movie about an ass, just one 90 minute continuous shot of an ass that occasionally farts is considered highbrow cinema. It is a future which, depressingly, seems very, very real.

            And yeah, I’m like you. While I consider myself a metalhead, metal isn’t the only thing I’m into, I listen to a very wide variety of music. Sinatra very much included. You won’t get any criticism about your Sinatra collection from me, Frank was the freakin’ man.

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeah i’ve seen the movie.. I liked it, it was funny! second closest movie to what I believe is a very accurate future for us. The movie coming actually closest would be Wall-E X)

            And yes you are right, crazyness needs a context and it needs talent to work, more than any-thing else. It’s a tough line to pull out.

            Wooh for Sinatra though, the man had soul in his voice :)

          • The_Stig

            Sinatra was like a boss before it was a meme.

          • Guest

            If I may add something into this conversation…as an American myself, I will admit to laughing at the occasional (*insert toilet humor and/or bodily function joke crossed with profanity, what have you here), but the plot description of “Idiocracy” fits perfectly as a means to describe where we in the U.S. are headed in terms of entertainment.

            I can understand our generation’s anger toward the post World War 2/Baby Boomer, and Generation X group of parents and grandparents who are horrified by some of the things that we do nowadays.

            No one likes to be told what they are allowed to do or what they can say. In fact, i have some reservations of my own towards what can and can’t be done on screen or in print.

            Yet, I can also understand why there are restrictions put in place at all. You want an example of what can happen when you let the Seth MacFarlanes of the world loose and go nuts, look at the uncensored versions of Family Guy if you should ever find them. Or everything that John Kricfalusi produced after Ren and Stimpy (Adult Party Cartoon, included).

            Even if you all are the kind that can handle the humor that movies like this shows; at some point, there will be a certain amount of time where you say “OK, where’s the joke?” or rather “How is this funny?! How is this anything other than creepy, sick, and wrong?!”

            To you Ms. Liv, I say:

            Is our culture that different than yours? Sure, we have a different thought process when it comes to just about everything as opposed to those who live in the continent of Europe (Scandinavian countries also included). But, isn’t there anything similar about our 2 respective cultures that we both can enjoy or like about one another?

            If you can, list some things that you like about America and our culture that you can identify with.

  • Muthsarah

    A NON-American film? Pffff…skipped!

    Typical Danish movie? Where’s the pointless nudity and casual humor about morally objectionable body parts? Even your “highbrow” stuff is full of that. I saw that Royal Affair movie, and there’s no way a king, or anyone else from that time period, would actually act like that. People had morals back then, no matter what revisionist artists would have you believe.

    EDIT: Aaaaaand there it is, right on cue!

    And how dare you Danes show such conspicuous genitalia in a children’s film. I don’t want MY children exposed to…”butts” and…”ball sacks”, unless they’re being kicked or otherwise struck violently.

    EDIT: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….no, THAT doesn’t count, because…ummm…it’s too realistic. It’s only OK when…balls get hurt…but not when…actual….balls…..ummmm….

    I’m going to…lie down now.

    • Sofie Liv

      Actually… a king would.. A “Royal affair.” is very much based on Danish history accuracy, and the thing about that king was the he was genuinely mentaly insane!

      And Doctor Struense pretty much ruled the country behind his back while sleeping with the queen, that is genuine Danish history, and Struense actually changed a lot of Danish law up until he finally got caught. All you see in that movie, is based on real Danish history.

      It’s not exactly meant to be a childrens movie more like a.. teen movie I suppose.

      yeah, you lie down, take care of yourself.. you’re still welcome.

  • Huh, the Booth got rid of “Likes” on comments. Or was that Disqus’s choice?

    Anyway, interesting review. Honestly… I would probably get bored or annoyed about 5 minutes into this movie. Not that I’m too good for low brow stuff- two of my favorite movies are Rawhead Rex and Pieces, for Chrissake- but it’s just that, no matter the national origin, that kind of humor reaks to me of unoriginality. It’s the stuff any 12 year old in virtually any country would write, and as a result it got boring to me right around the time that speaking with 12 year olds did.

    • Jason Withrow

      Upvoting and downvoting now.

    • Sofie Liv

      but do you know any other place that just goes for it like that?

      But yeah, it’s true, it did grain on my pretty damn quickly when I first saw it in cinema, i often did sincerely hope they would just drop the humour so i could watch the movie in piece, but they didn’t.. and the movie did fairly decent.

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    Well I suppose I could give you two perspectives mine and my country’s:

    Sweden being the divided country that it is would mean that the upper tier (in terms of class and taste) would view this movie with little more than scorn were as the lower tier would view it with great interest (I’m generalizing of course). The insluts part is pretty much the same way but the comedy bit from that theater play you showed afterwards wouldprobably be met with open arms.

    I would more likely act more like you did amused here and there but ultimatly unimpressed due to it’s lack of originality. If you want to see sex humor done right (from my point of view) I would advice you to check out monty pythons “the meaning of life”. As for insults I find insulting people to be more often than not both something that is contra-productive and a waste of time however when I actually do insult people I do so by deconstruction and not through namecalling. The theaterbit was most amusing I must admit,

    • Sofie Liv

      Fair enough, you are swedes so you are more related to me than the US people X)

      I love those guys in the play, they have made multiple things like it now, I think they’ve made.. six or seven different shows now, so I pretty much grew up with them, and that kind of human and I LOVE it!

      Uh I love Monthy Python! I own the entire box with their original. “Flying circus.” sketch show and another box with their movie collection, if you have seen my videos you’ll see I actually reference them some-times here and there.

      The difference here just is that Python is absolutely typical British humour, which is so clearly british and wouldn’t happen any-where else in the world. And today were about Danish humour, so that’s why I didn’t use them.

      • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

        I am most familiar with your previous reviews, I find them rather inspiering and I am aware of the Mynto python references but the meaning of life is in my experience one that most people, even fans, either forgets or ignores.

        • Sofie Liv

          Well.. meaning of life is my least favourite of their movies to be honest. for me, it feels like “Holy grail.” and “Life of Brian.” hits the sweet spot just right, and is just all-around hillarious without ever becoming really awkward.

          While “Meaning of Life.” while having fun sequences in it, some-times tips a bit to much over in the disturbing side and becomes more disgusting than actually funny, which some people like I guess, I just like it better when they hit a better balance, though still extremely absurd, with the holy grail.

  • skzip888

    Burly gay barbarians and lewd humor, I just may have to move to Denmark.

    Brilliant review Sophie. Your video essays just keep getting better and better.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, feel welcome to come on a visit, i’ll treat you to a bear or some-thing ;)

      Thanks! glad you are enjoying.

  • This movie looks amazing xD

  • Argonnosi

    Just to state the blatantly obvious, but you do realize that you have likely opened a serious can of Horny Bastard. Not that I have a problem with that.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well if any-one crosses the line they really shouldn’t, they can piss off, so.

      A little harmless indulgence is fine enough with me though, hey i’m Danish ;)

  • MephLord

    This movie seems a lot less offense than Aqua’s music. Just saying.

    • Sofie Liv

      What’s wrong with with Aquas music? Just because. “I’m a baby girl.” and “Cartoon heroes.” as their only two big hits have been stuck on a lot of peoples mind for all of eternity.

      • MephLord

        It’s Barbie Girl, not Baby Girl. I liked some of their other singles, and love Cartoon Heroes, but they get draining to listen to on repeated listenings. Around the World and My Oh My are probably their best songs but not their biggest hits. I always thought Lene was held back as a vocalist as I think she’s pretty talented, but the trance, techno and club anthems don’t show her true vocal range.

        On another note, an Aqua legacy hunting would be interesting to know they are viewed in Denmark because they had international hits. In some ways they are the precursor to Black Eyed Peas in that they had a good female lead singer with a good backup male singer (Lene/Fergie and Rene/Will.I.Am (yes I think that name is pretty stupidly spelled) but it’s basically taking the Aqua model. It would probably take a long time to finish such a project but it would make for a good Legacy Hunting.

        • Sofie Liv

          It was a typo.. seems to do a lot of them lately.. gotta stop writing comments this late -_-;

          I sort of owned both their major albums when I was a kid, I liked them fine enough, then grew out of it, and that’s kind of my history with Aqua.

          • John Wilson

            In America, Aqua a one hit wonder:).

          • Sofie Liv

            It’s a Danish-Norwegian band you know, the lead singer was a Dane.

  • turin231

    Wow…When you actually started describing how you would answer to the “insults” i think it was the first time a got the urge to say to a girl to marry me…
    Awesome and fucking priceless….

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, it’s all about attitude, insults like that can only really hurt you if you let them, and then it’s much funnier to screw around with whom-ever spat them out.

      Thing just is, if some-one resort to doing it, it means he has nothing else.. you can just screw around with that.

      Thanks. I’m not ready for marriage though, maybe another time XP

      • turin231

        Very well said….

  • drumstick00m

    Eh, it was fairly entertaining. The play you subtitled was funnier and that was just one scene though.

    On America: they (Seth McFarlane and minions) attempt to do this sort of thing, but kind of end up being crass as oppose to funny. Was good to see this humor done right. That’s just my take on Family Guy vs the Danes though. No idea what your’s or anyone else’s here is…

    • Sofie Liv

      I to thought the “play.” was way funnier, it’s my favourite current group of comedians, that’s why I showed it.

      Though a better way to describe it would be a sketch-show, since they make these sorts of life shows which are really more like just a bunch of sketches and songs collected together, and to me they are all equally hillarious, they really drives this sort of style all the way through, and yep, I love it! I love this group, they are just so skilled and so funny.

      Family guys is.. on occasion funny. I think what bugged me the most about this show is that it felt to me it wanted to be like the Simpsons, but without being nearly as good, McFarlane does have comedic timing don’t get me wrong, but he palls in comparison to Dan Castellanetas Homer voice, which is just perfect in its comedic performance and timing.

      And I don’t like how mean-spirited Family Guy some-times feels, like it’s just hostile towards every-thing and every-one. I guess Simpsons are based on the same kind of humour, but some-how it doesn’t feel as mean as it’s just lovingly poking fun and is having fun.

      What Denmark can do though, is to just go for it and drive it over the edge do they wish, having the swearing be casual instead of. “omg, he is swearing.. ON TELEVISION! incredible!” with us it’s more like. “He’s swearing.. so?”

      I gotta be honest, we have comedy here in Denmark which goes for this sort of humour, and really drives it over the edge.. which I don’t like. Denmark produces plenty of comedy every single year I can’t stand.

      How-ever, there are also good things coming out every year, which is typical danish humour, and stuff I like, one of the things being the group I just showed you.

      Ronal for me, stands in the middle of this, being really neither. Not bad and hurtful, but not hysterically funny either, it’s just there for when it lasts and then it’s gone, without me ever feeling like thinking about it again.

      • drumstick00m

        Interesting, and my thoughts exactly on Family Guy except said more refined, but I just started this, so to be expected.

  • Arturo Garza Flores

    Did Sofie just open this by shouting “FOR EQUESTRIA!”?

    • Sofie Liv

      I’ve so far made an entire video about my little pony defending the show and used several clips, including in this video, off the show to either make a joke or a point..

      I watch my little pony FiM.. twist if the century! go home Shyamalan!

      and btw, the entire fan-rage about. “Alicorn.” twilight is really to much, I mean come on read the episode description of the last episode of the season. “Twilight accidently switches the faith of all the ponies and must fix it.”

      So well, to take a guess she accidently switches herself into becoming a princess and then fix it again by the end of the episode, gezz….

      • Arturo Garza Flores

        Apparently, you had to blow off some steam regarding that fan reaction. But it’s ok because so did I and it’s nice to see more fans wanting to give this a chance.

        • Sofie Liv

          I think it’s fascinating! that it litterately happened one, Tuesday the rumour slipped out, and it took only three days. Three days! before the enternet was swimming with hate drawings and hate blogs.

          Just.. wauw! the emotions connected to that show are ridicoulus!

          I am a geek, I watch the show, I enjoy the show and I even think it’s a pretty amazing show doing some-thing incredible right, no show has ever done before, when it comes to presenting female characters, that the show is there and became such a success is a HUGE positive, and any-one whom is in doubt how to incorporate female characters in a good way, should just watch that show, all of it, period.

          But, wauw.. just.. wauw. how protective people are of this thing, is absolutely ridicoulus, it’s ridicoulus. People getting seriously angry about.. a pony show geared towards eight year old girls?

          The point of being a geek and a fan of these things, are to have fun! the only reason to get angry is if some-thing that yes, truly sucks and gives the franchise a bad image comes out.

          But this show is innocences incarnated. Just.. really?

          Clearly the show was good enough to make you care, so have a little faith in its continuation wont you?
          Shesh, I wonder if people were as angry when the 87 Ninja turtles show started to decline in quality????

          Mmm, i’ll probably write a reaction on my face-book page ones the episode has aired. leaves, more room for me to write why I think the way I do.

      • Arturo Garza Flores

        On that note, I would like to hear your thoughts on that episode in some form.Twitter maybe?

  • chromesthesia

    Hmm. I kind of want to watch this movie. It sounds less agonizing than von Trier ><. Your country seems fun *visits*

    • Sofie Liv

      my country is great fun, feel welcome to pay a visit X)

      And you know, Lars Von Trier is not the only Danish director to make it to Hollywood, the critically aclaimed. “Drive.” from 2011, every-body seemed to love is from a Danish director, and the love comedy. “Love is all you need.” coming out last year is from the female danish Director Susanne Bier, whom actually did win the oscar for best foreign movie twice.

      So there are more danes out there infesting the hollywood system ;)

      • $36060516

        Not to mention Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in “Game of Thrones” and the American adaptation of “Forbrydelsen.”

        • Sofie Liv

          I thought the two more obvious ones would be “Mads Mikkelsen.” whom played a bond villain in “Casino Royal.” and.. that other Daniel Craig bond movie I don’t remember the name off but is not Skyfall.

          And freaking Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn, from the lord of the rings, is a dane! I saw him speak danish in a interview I swear it’s true, bet ya didn’t know that! … he’s better at covering up the accent than I am.

          • danbreunig

            Now there’s the one new thing I learned today: Viggo M. is yet another Great Dane.

            So I now officially have three favorite Danes: Viggo Mortensen (primarily as Aragorn, Son of Arathorn), Lars Ulrich (but only from the 1980s), and Sofie Liv (maybe you’ve heard of her?)

            Excuse me for the sudden intrusion–I’m still recovering from that college thesis I wrote the last time I was here…..

      • chromesthesia

        Oh sweet. As long as they don’t make me want to drink absinthe and bleach my brain. But, Melancholia was rather good. Depressing though (Also aesthetically pleasing boobs)

        Viggo Mortensen went to my college. I’m going to watch his awesome movie where he’s nekkid in it.

  • Jordan

    Well this movie seems interesting, tell me are there any other Danish films you’d recommend?

    Also side note 19:00-19:26 wow I don’t what it is its either your accent or what you said & how you said it, but I like it. ;3

    • Sofie Liv

      erh, don’t know if I would exactly recommend this movie, as I said, it was a big “meh.” for me.
      I am a much bigger fan of the older comedic danish movies, if you can ever find a “Olsen gang.” movie that would be the thing to pick up! I grew up on those and love all of them.

      Not the new animated though that is just.. yuck. The old original ones, those are great!

      heh.. it’s the accent, it’s always the accent XD

  • Randolph Quazalpene

    TY sofie! Yoink yoink yoink, must find this now.. I think. BTW worse pick up line ever….i’ll let you play with my lute.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, the guy was a lute, so what are you going to do? :/

      glad you liked the review ^^

  • edharris1178

    Great work as always, Sofie.

  • I found this movie very fun and good XD
    Though I prefer it in Danish, it sounds weird in English. And yarh, we a bit lose around our curse language, and yes, it’s very danish. But here is a thought; don’t we(danes) make a lot of movie that makes one think? Like Sådan slipper vi af med de andre, De grønne salgter and so on, like you said we can make really high brow movie and very low brow.

    By the way I really like your bard outfit :P

  • If I may add something into this conversation…as an American myself, I will admit to laughing at the occasional (*insert toilet humor and/or bodily function joke crossed with profanity, what have you here), but the plot description of “Idiocracy” fits perfectly as a means to describe where we in the U.S. are headed in terms of entertainment.

    I can understand our generation’s anger toward the post World War 2/Baby Boomer, and Generation X group of parents and grandparents who are horrified by some of the things that we do nowadays.

    No one likes to be told what they are allowed to do or what they can say. In fact, I have some reservations of my own towards what can and can’t be done on screen or in print.

    Yet, I can also understand why there are restrictions put in place at all. You want an example of what can happen when you let the Seth MacFarlanes of the world loose and go nuts, look at the uncensored versions of Family Guy if you should ever find them. Or everything that John Kricfalusi produced after Ren and Stimpy (Adult Party Cartoon, included).

    Even if you all are the kind that can handle the humor that movies like this shows; at some point, there will be a certain amount of time where you say “OK, where’s the joke?” or rather “How is this funny?! How is this anything other than creepy, sick, and wrong?!”

    To you Ms. Liv, I say:

    Is our culture that different than yours? Sure, we have a different thought process when it comes to just about everything as opposed to those who live in the continent of Europe (Scandinavian countries also included). But, isn’t there anything similar about our 2 respective cultures that we both can enjoy or like about one another?

    If you can, list some things that you like about America and our culture that you can identify with.

    • Sofie Liv

      Haha, I don’t think you have watched much of my stuff have you?

      If you did, you would know that I have grown up and identity with A LOT of things from the US.

      I am a huge Disney fan, Disney is my childhood and I love it deeply, it’s a part of me.
      I love superheroes, I religiously watch all the marvel movies as they come out.
      I play Mario games just like so many others, I watch Teenage mutant ninja turtles, I listen to Michael Jackson as well as Frank Sinatra. I watch onches of American movies and television shows all the time.

      Our cultures are both very different and very similar, there are things we do with our entertainment here, you guys would never ever do, our mindset are different.
      But there are also things you do we wish we could, but don’t have the budget to.

      There are loads of American stuff I enjoy, loads! Tons of it! And there is also a lot of british and Japaneese stuff I enjoy, And some french comic books. I am not really limited to one culture alone.

      • Funny you should say that about us here in the States being able to do things that certain European countries can’t because there are a lot of things that you all have that we wish we could see.

        For example, you guys have films based on comics like Asterix and Lucky Luke. Heck, you even have an anime based on Valérian and Laureline (yes, I know it’s a French comic).

        There are a lot of cartoons and comics that you all make which rarely get released in America (that is, if they’re given a chance to be released over here). To say nothing of the food you have and then there’s the fact that Disney’s Donald Duck is incredibly popular over in your side of the pond as he is here. In fact, I seem to notice this happening a lot in Europe with not just Donald but Mickey as well I wonder why that is?

        You also said that there are things that we do with our films and TV shows that you guys and girls wish you could do.

        • Sofie Liv

          Uhh, yeah that’s true. I LOOOVE Donald duck, I own box’s and box’s filled up only with donald duck comic books.
          And yeah, that is true, he is a bigger thing here than Mickey, having booth weekly comic magazins and monthly collectors issues of comics coming out.

          Well, the comics you are mentioning there are gennerally the belgish comic book heroes, Belgium is kind of the comic book capital of europe, which made all of those. Asterix, Lucky Luck, Tintin, Splint and co. Which are yes, titles I enjoyed hightly while growing up.
          Asterix is huge here, and I love the animated movies dearly.. not so sure about the life action ones though.. they urhm.. urgh. Feels like some-one is stepping on my childhood when I think about them.

          So yeah, basically.. some is the same, some is not. I grew up with stuff you will never ever know of, cause it’s Danish, but on the same time we also grew up with a lot of the same stuff.
          We are all individuals like that.

          • What exactly is it about the live-action Asterix films that you dislike?

            Also, can you tell me what you mean by “But there are also things you do we wish we could, but don’t have the budget to” with the films you guys make because I’m not sure if there’s much that we have here in the U.S. that isn’t already available in Europe/Scandinavia?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Well, if you ask me – the first Asterix was a good movie. Christian Clavier did a good job, Gérard Depardieu was an awesome Obelix and Gottfried John (General Ouromov from GoldenEye) was a great Caesar.
            The second one.. well… it was quite okay…Monica Belluci was a terrific Cleopatra.
            The third and now the fourth one were… well… kinda meh.

            My recommendations: Asterix and the Vikings, Asterix and the Big Fight, Asterix in Britain and Asterix conquers America – and of Course “The twelve tasks of Asterix”. ^^

          • Sofie Liv

            Well I guess, just having grown up with the comic books, which I loved very much, and read all the time. And the animated shows, which I loved even more and watch liked a hundred times over.
            The one with the ten trials is one of the movies I watched the most as a child, though as an adult I admit that “Asterix in Britain.” is probably the best one out of all the animated movies.

            Having grown up with that, a life action movie just never sat that well with me at all, they are not meant to become lifeaction, look at the drawing style and humour, it does not fit life-action at all.

            And well, CalvinCat, I guess we have to disagree there.. I really don’t like the first life action Asterix movie.. really really not. I wasn’t very old when it came out, so well.. I just remember it scaring the crap out of me when I saw it in cinema as a child, and made me feel really uncomfortable.

            Doesn’t help that it share the story with the one animated Asterix movie I don’t like.. because that movie also scared the crap out of me as a kid.

            And well, then I find the second life action movie “Asterix in Egypt.” better.. not a great movie, but watchable, even though that I still don’t feel like the very univers of Asterix is supposed to be lifeaction, and thus.. will never work in that format.

            Kevin Kess, yes, the stuff is available in Europe, but we can’t make it for ourselves.

            And well, feels a little sad that many of my favourite things, such as Doctor who or what-ever, we just don’t have the buget for it on a danish tely budget, simple as that, and that’s not even a US show, that’s british.
            So well, we can’t make it. As a person whom wishes to work in the industry, it’s a bit sad to know that I would have to move, if I ever wanted to work within the genres that I love the most.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            First of all Sofie: Call me Cal. ^^
            Second: I watched the first real life Asterix movie with my class, when i was in 9th grade – because we talked about Asterix in school. My english teacher (a trekkie nonetheless) most certainly did know how to make classes interesting.

          • Would you feel better knowing that if you had the materials to make that what you love for your fellow Danes, you could do it all without having to move?

            There’s a reason why I’ve said you’re lucky to have the films that you all make.


            At the very least, the films that you make are made by people who aren’t afraid to experiment with the medium that they use.

            A lot of the films (especially those that are animated) deal with themes that we Americans would rarely try to do in today’s movie and TV show climate and even when we do tackle mature subject matter, it’s almost always done in the most immature, childish, and just plain dumb ways

            In other words, most of the filmmakers from (along with the films made in) Europe/Scandinavia (even some American-produced films, as well) know that audiences who watch them are capable of thinking critically and that they have more than one functioning brain cell.