Rolling Stone "TV Issue" loves John Oliver as much as you do

john oliver

John Oliver scored the cover of the latest Rolling Stone ‘cuz he’s a motherfrickin’ rockstar of the fake news game, yo.

You’ll need the print edition if you want a detailed walkthrough of how Oliver’s Last Week Tonight gets written, revised, edited, finalized, and broadcast ever week…

But lucky for us, the magazine decided to showcase a few of its more interesting revelations about John Oliver himself on its website:

Ricky Gervais was key to his success.
After appearing on friend Armando Iannucci’s Daily Show-esque British show Gash, Oliver was spotted by Ricky Gervais, who recommended the comedian to Daily Show scouts without ever meeting him. Oddly enough, Gervais didn’t tell Oliver about the recommendation.

His future wife saved him from deportation.
At the 2008 Republican National Convention, Oliver met his future wife Kate Norley after secretly entering an unauthorized area and being chased by security. Facing deportation if caught, Norley hid the host and his co-workers. The couple went on their first date a few months later.

He had a very different upbringing than Kanye West.
When Hiatt brings up Kanye West’s mom and her certainty of her son’s genius at an early age, Oliver contrasts that with his own parents. “This is, unfortunately, another way in which Yeezus and I are different,” he says, cackling. “I don’t think there was ever the sense of ‘You are a shining light who will go on to make some of the most artistically important music of your generation, and you should keep telling people that, even if it turns out only to be quite good.’ No, I did not experience the Kanye form of parenting.”

There’s a couple more highlights over at the Rolling Stone website if you’re interested.

The print edition also goes in-depth on Adventure Time, Sons of Anarchy, and Boardwalk Empire. Oh, and there’s a preview of all the new fall TV shows, but HNTP already took care of that for you:


To share John Oliver’s dismay over the Miss America pageant, check out this extended clip from last week’s Last Week Tonight from HBO:

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