Rock: It's Your Decision (1982) (part 4 of 4)

A few days later at the church, Brother Owen comes down to greet Jeff and his parents. Apparently, Jeff is about to give a speech, and accordingly, he’s put on a tie with the biggest knot I’ve ever seen in my life. Jeff says he hopes his speech “makes them think of things… like I have the past week.” Like, how not to tie a tie.

We learn that Jeff is about to share all his “research” with the youth meeting. Before they go inside, Dad thanks Brother Owen, and he’s got this ridiculously twangy accent that nobody else in the movie has. He says that after he came back from his business trip, they got together “as a family” and worked out all of their problems, and he totally sounds like he’s reading his lines off a cue card.

Rock: It's Your Decision (1982) (part 4 of 4)

Just ask yourself, how would Jesus tie a tie?

Mom adds that “After Jeff shared his research with us, well, Arthur and I committed some things to Christ, also!” Well, hot damn, I really need to hear this research. It must be golden! Brother Owen is very, very pleased with all of this.

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Multi-Part Article: Rock: It's Your Decision (1982)

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  • Observer360

    Interestingly enough, I would not be surprised if this was actually a film made by people who like rock n’ roll. Seriously, Jeff’s life begins to spiral rapidly downwards the moment he has to go on his fast of rock music. He begins to turn into a dick not only to his friends, but even to his mother because of some stuff he read from a book. Even then, he tries to make it seem like he is being victimized when he himself has been trying to shove his belief onto others. I mean this is a normal kid who has his love of music transformed into something “evil” by his paranoid parents until he turns into a raving, bigoted fanatic that loses his friends, personality, and any sense of independence.

    • Vadik2004

      Observer360, you stole your entire text from the Cinema Snob’s review of this movie.

      • Toby Clark

        Yet it was written several months before that review was posted.

  • Very good job with this. I’ve seen this movie, and you’ve said pretty much everything I would have. I had a somewhat similar struggle with music when I was growing up in a Christian environment, but I grew up and realized it was all blown way out of proportion.

    Btw, the part where he says “If my music is no different than theirs, then they’re gonna say, Christianity’s no big deal! He’s no different than anybody else! I can take it or leave it” is a total logic fail. If anything, people would probably think it was cool to see a Christian listening to rock. Most likely they wouldn’t even think anything of it at all. Forcing yourself to listen to a different type of music for your religion will not make that religion seem more attractive to outsiders. It will only make it seem more rigid and boring.

    • Writer_Josh

      I’m a Christian, a pastor’s kid even, and more than once I’ve made people feel better about Christianity by showing them I’m not a judgmental holier-than-thou who can have fun right along with them.

  • Steven Pryor

    If this kid thinks “Start Me Up” is offensive, wait until he gets to “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” and “Brown Sugar.” As a Baptist who enjoys some good music, I could tell this guy was a poser who does not represent Christianity as a whole.

  • Jrl

    “Gonna walk on the water….”

  • RadioChuck

    To me, this film achieves the opposite of its intended goal…Jeff starts out as a nice kid, but over the course of his research period, gradually turns into a holier-than-thou jerk, which is exactly the kind of thing that turns many people off of Christianity.

  • Kanna

    My neighbor is a highly religious pastor, very nice man. Likes to have me and my brother over for visits and we help him around the house while listening to movies. We showed him this one and we all ended up spellbound…in confusion. By the end, he said, “wow…that was THE dumbest thing I have ever seen,”. This coming from a Christian pastor who pretty much lives as a real life Brother Owen. He openly admits to enjoying Hotel California. He says the whole point is to just be a good person, be kind to others, be faithful and to make sure god always has a foremost place in your life. He actually told us and I quote “that god probably doesn’t care what you listen to as long as you just be a good, faithful person,”. Seriously, it’s called FICTION for a reason.

  • Muthsarah

    Wow, I had no idea you’d covered this one as well, Dr. O’Boogie. I
    only knew of this movie ‘cuz of Brad. And you’d gotten to it first…?

    I….feel I now have to go through your own backlog. Which…being text-only, is gonna take a really, really long time.

    Holy crap! Leonard Part 6 is 15 pages long!!!! Oh Dear God….

  • normal choice

    Brother Jim meets Quincy, M.E.: