Rock: It's Your Decision (1982) (part 3 of 4)

We next find Jeff in a record store. He goes to the guy behind the counter and says he wants to “ask some questions” about the music they sell. This prompts the guy to immediately freak out and go get his manager. If I were him, I’d probably do the same thing. A middle aged guy in a pullover sweater comes out, and as Jeff speaks with him, we hear Voiceover Jeff and Voiceover Brother Owen discussing the research he’s been doing.

We watch Jeff walking through the record store with a folder in his hand. He walks up to two teenagers and starts asking questions, and we learn in voiceover that “when they found out I was a Christian, they hassled me a little bit!” This “hassling” involves one kid crumpling up a sheet of paper and throwing it at Jeff, and then the other kid knocking the folder out of his hands. In a much better movie, this would have prompted Jeff to break out the Taekwondo, but since he’s still being a good Christian, he just turns the other cheek.

Rock: It's Your Decision (1982) (part 3 of 4)

Whatever happened to kicking ass for the Lord?

“But,” his VO says, “Most of the people I talked to were pretty nice!” We see Jeff handing a survey to some pretty nice people sitting in front of a mall fountain. We then cut to him wandering through the music store, apparently copying down song titles from “some of the more popular groups!” We then watch Jeff pick up the Bob Seger album Nine Tonight [!!]. I mean, at least find the one that features the song “Horizontal Bop”, would ya?

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Multi-Part Article: Rock: It's Your Decision (1982)

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