Rock: It's Your Decision (1982) (part 1 of 4)

Summary: Christian propaganda that attempts to elucidate the evil, soul-destroying nature of early 80’s cock rock. Jeff is a teenager who loves rock music, but loves Jesus too. His attempts to reconcile his musical tastes with his Christian faith cause mondo friction between him and his friends and family. Which will he choose? A sordid life of listening to drug-addled, ambiguously sexual, Satan-worshipping rock stars, or a pure and divine life that glorifies Jesus?

When I originally viewed this movie, I was prepared to totally mock its lunatic ideals. I pictured something along the lines of Reefer Madness, only with rock music taking the place of marijuana. Unfortunately, except for some bad overacting and really overdone melodrama, this movie mostly plays it straight. It does attempt to realistically capture the dilemma of a Christian teen who likes rock music, yet chooses to believe in a very strict interpretation of the Bible, and has to reconcile his morals between the two.

As someone who was raised Catholic, but not particularly religious anymore, obviously I don’t think it goes against scripture for Christians to listen to rock, gangsta rap, or any other type of music. Still, I can sympathize with the difficulties of those who feel differently. Most of us, Christian or otherwise, indulge in behavior that’s clearly “sinful” if we take the rules of our faith at face value, without giving it a moment’s thought.

Rock: It’s Your Decision attempts to depict the struggles of one teenager who makes the effort to really examine this disparity and find a resolution. Unfortunately, the end results are as maudlin and predictable as your average Lifetime Network TV movie. But fortunately, towards the end there’s one incredibly idiotic speech full of overbearing propaganda that really makes watching this movie worthwhile.

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Multi-Part Article: Rock: It's Your Decision (1982)

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