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Yes, the one time Sofie goes to the theaters expecting to see a terrible remake, and it turns out to be bloody competent! The RoboCop remake is a decent flick. It has some flaws to be sure, but it’s a fun watch with some genuinely clever moments and decent action.

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  • Muthsarah

    Just further proving my point here, Sofie. Try a Seltzerberg film next time. It may, just may, be to your not-liking-so-terribly-much.

    And don’t worry about The Lego Movie. There’s about a 0.00000000B% chance YOU wouldn’t love it.

    • Sofie Liv


      I don’t want to watch another Seltzerberg movie, I fucking hate those abborminations.

      If I want to watch good parody with an edge to it, i’m going to re-watch the Starkids musical version of Harry potter, Batman and Alladin thank you very much.

      Those are both hillarious and bloody clever.

      I do actually usually just avoid the movies I don’t think I am going to like, like for instance, I avoid all Adam Sandler movies, just… walk a huge circle around them, especially if he had any-thing to do with the writing. His movies just repels me.

      I know other people say. “Oh but he can be funny some-times. When he is directed by a smart director and have a clever script to work with.”
      Well wupti fucking du, the guy can be funny if he has tons of other talented people forcing him to do the right thing, and the man makes millions on shit movies. He has no sense of humour or even reality himself.

      I don’t know what happened there, I just went into angry reviewer mode.. That’s your fault for brining up Seltzerberg! I’m sure of it.

      • TheCrazyFish

        I don’t really think Sandler is ever funny. If you look at Adam Sandler’s movies, they’re funny because of the supporting cast, not because of him.

        • Sofie Liv

          Well I have never seen him in an instant where I found him funny either, it’s just every-time I trash-talk him, which I love to do. Some-one always jumps to his defence saying. “He can be funny.”
          Okay, just not in the dozen of appearances I have seen of him then -_-;

      • Muthsarah

        “I don’t know what happened there, I just went into angry reviewer mode..
        That’s your fault for brining up Seltzerberg! I’m sure of it.”

        Oh, you HAVE to review one now. I wanna hear you rage, live, or, more practically, in vlog form. Foaming at the mouth. Screaming. Bloodshot eyes. Teeth gnashing. Fists pounding.

        Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Lego movie as much as I’m certain you will. You’ll even like the theme song; you can make it your own.

        • danbreunig

          I second that! It’s been a while since we’ve seen a (comically) negative Sofie review about anything–AND I want to see her react that exact way you said, really over the top, smashing stuff, yelling Danish swears–you know, a real “don’t ever give Brook another gun” moment. It looks like we missed it with this latest Robocop. ):/

          • Muthsarah

            Comical? Please, I want her spitting venom.

  • Egil Hellá

    Nice review Sophie I was also going into this movie expecting to hate it but found it okay life is funny like that and you made an error during the review the professor is played by Gary Oldman not Liam Nesson but I am pretty sure that you made the error because of the character Liam Nesson playes in The LEGO Movie

    • Sofie Liv

      I know, some-one else pointed that mistake out to me on face-book.

      And the ironic thing is, it’s not even a case of having mistaken their names, Nope. I was dead sure that was Liam Neeson.
      I was so sure I had to check for myself on IMDB…

      I have no idea how I could have thought Gary Oldman was Liam Neeson, I am a huge fan of both actors, so yeah.. I pretty much stunned myself. And I STILL think Oldmans performance reminds me a lot of Neeson in this movie -_-;

      • Egil Hellá

        That is funny because Gary oldman remindet me about Bryan Cranston and by the way i just saw a old giant robot movie from 1989 called Robot Jox and it was fraking awesome

  • Zorha

    Hey Sophie, as always excellent breakdown on a movie I probably wouldn’t have bothered to see otherwise. It really looked horrible in earlier promo materials, so I’m guessing someone higher up looked at what happened to Total Recall (2012) and decided to actually put some effort into it.

    Off topic: It’s been a while since I sat in on one of your reviews. Did you do something with your hair?

    • Sofie Liv

      I coloured it red back in November.. so yeah.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed :)

  • Alexa

    Still think it unnecessary and I wish they would just remake stuff that needs a remake like what they did with Dredd. But yeah from this and what I heard they were doing their own thing, which is good, but still…

    • Sofie Liv

      I think it’s nice enough this movie was made, it touches upon some subjects that should be touched on at this time in our day.

      That’s it’s a remake that does it and not an original movie is.. unfortunate actually.

      But you know, I think it’s worth it to bring up the subjects in a pretty solid movie.

      Though I really do wish the movie had gone more on the edge, it could have spawned some real debates around that the world needs.

      But nope, no debates, the movie slipped quietly under the radar for that, unfortunately.

      • Alexa

        Yeah that’s a good point, and its not like you can’t touch any property take The Thing which is a remake of a movie that was remembered quite fondly, but still that movie had room for expansion and as you said to tackle some issues that the original didn’t. Plus that movie was made out of love, and here it just seems like they have nothing really better to do. Really there is nothing wrong with a remake, but you have to bring something new to the table and try your own thing, here it just looks like any other action movie but with slightly better effects.

        • Sofie Liv

          Oh I sense a lot of love in this movie.

          It’s obviously made by people whom cared for the old movie, there are SO many small references and easter eggs in it towards the old movie, I actually counted three times that the original robocop costume appeared some-where in the background.

          There went a lot of passion into the movie for sure, but it was held back by Hollywood and PG rating unfortunately, would have loved to have seen what would have happened if the director had been allowed to just go bananas with it, and I am wondering wether there is a “Un-cencored cut.” waiting to be released.

          If there is.. I actually really want to watch that.

          That I think is the most unfortunate thing about this movie, it’s decent.. it’s solid.. But the potential for greatness is right there beneath the surface, if just… it had been allowed to go nuts, especially in the last act.. but oh well..

  • david f white

    The original Robocop 2 is the worst Movie i have ever seen!!

    • doc

      Robocop 3 was way worse.

      • Sofie Liv

        Oh joy… havn’t seen those.. My good friend Christian whom is a huge robocop fan, and build a robocop suit that is featured in my Robocop 1987 review told me that Robocop 2 is decent, but not nearly the master piece of the first one.

        And the third one is pure shit.. so well.. erhh..

        • Thomas Stockel

          Christian is spot on. 2 has some decent moments but is mediocre, while 3 is pretty horrid all around.

  • manofsteelrulesandusuck

    Couldn’t the original Robocop be considered a remake of the 1960s anime: Eightman?

    Supposedly(Robocop) his armor was inspired by the badass Space Sheriff Gavan.

    • Sofie Liv

      Probably not, since the original robocop movie was originally a judge dredd movie, and the script was supposed to be a judge dredd script, that got turned down, and then got re-written into a reobocop movie.

      Also… Japan is waaaay in front when it comes to any robots or monsters, we might as well face it right now.
      When-ever we feel like we have been oh so original with a robot or monster, chances are Japan all-ready did that one years ago -_-;

  • manofsteelrulesandusuck

    Supposedly, Robocop’s armor was inspired by Space Sheriff Gavan (1982).

  • I was actually quite looking forward to this one based on the director (I liked Elite Squad and its sequel even more so) and I might actually go see it now. I seem to have the same luck as you as well, every time I go to a film hoping for a real trainwreck it ends up being either okay (World War Z) or not quite bad enough (47 Ronin). I should probably stop hoping for Batman vs Superman to crash and burn so I might get my wish this time.

  • Mike

    Judging from Planet Rob’s review of the two Robocop animated series, this remake should at least be better than Alpha Force

  • Mike

    Actually the name is Alpha Commando, my bad.
    Just got done watching your review of the classic original Sofie. Pretty good job, but was I little disapointed you made it sound like just a well made explotiation movie. It’s certainly gritty and bloody enough to be very much a sci-fi action movie for adults, but it’s also one of the rare adult action pictures that had some sly social satire and even some genuine themes of humanity regarding the evolution of it’s title character. I think that’s part of the reason so few people haven’t been looking forward to the remake (including myself). The have been a lone of other movies made since that including a couple sequels that had many of the same story elements, but few have been able to create that solid combination of excitement, character insight, and wit. Maybe that’s just sort of unexpected success stories that comes everyone and a while and you can’t really duplicate.
    Is that review going to uploaded to this site, because the other things I wasn’t to address him might seem a bit confusing to other readers if it they don’t see it?

    • Sofie Liv

      I think it is.. don’t know, I guess it’ll wait so I don’t suddenly take up the entire frontpage by myself..

      Well yeah, the story is pretty simple but thus very solid, that leaves room for some very sharp edgy satire.
      I got to say, my favourite line in the entire movie is Dick Jones saying. “WHO CARES IF IT WORKED OR NOT!?”
      And you remember… that thing not working means people splattered all over the walls.. that just cracks me so much up, every single time. Just.. perfect delivery.

      I don’t know, I liked the movie, but I wasn’t as blowed away as people wanted me to be.
      I was introduced to it, by my good friend Christian, the guy inside of the robo-cop costume, which he made himself.
      You can probably tell how big a robocop fan he is that he mad a cosplay of it, in fact, he said to me that robocop is his favourite movie of all time.
      So that I wasn’t exactly blown away by it, dissapointed him as well. I just… wasn’t, I just found it to be a little simple, but solid and pretty funny flick. And that’s that.
      I do see the appeal, but well, I guess it’s just not the kind of movie I would usually watch by myself so…

      I do view the original robocop movie as mostly a satire.. and fortunately not a stupid one.
      But you know, a satire, about coorporation and so on.
      About that, the new movie is even more poinient as it can’t be more litteral that the evil head of coorporation is slowly sucking out good peoples humanity and good intentions. And for what? For money.
      It’s so nasty that it’s cartoonish, just like the original robocop. Michael Keatons character is a pure humanity sucker, sucking out the humanity of Gary Oldman, which makes Gary oldman, litterately, take out the humanity of Murphy, due to Keatson orders.
      And well, pfff, it’s kind of funny. You cannot be more litteral in your metaphor that coorporations lead by money hungry people are sucking out the humanity of the world.. just.. pfff.

      Oh well, I see the appeal, but. I’m afraid I wasn’t that blown away, sorry.

      • danbreunig

        Yep, it’s already up (in the raw feeds at this writing, anyway) and we’re writing comments there already.

        I’ve heard quite a lot about the satire found in the original–some theorize that Robocop is supposed to be an evident Christ figure–and updating the movie to reflect the current corporate climate keeps it parallel to the original. Corporate scandal was huge in the 80s, lessened some on the surface in the 90s, and became even more fully present but less challenged since the 2000s. So in that regard each version of the movie metaphorically reflects the sign of the times. Not trying to talk politics here, just the parallel between both Robocops themewise.

        Of course, one thing the original movie has that this doesn’t: a resulting video review featuring cyborg Christian.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Now, Sofie, didn’t you get the memo where you are supposed to fall in line with the rest of the geeks and shit on this movie? How dare you have your own opinion!

    Juuuuust kidding. :)

    In regards to the film taking forever to get started, I was reading an article on IO9…last week, I think. It talked about the worst mistakes a lot of screenplays getting shopped around and used by Hollywood suffer from, and one of them is it takes too long for the story to actually start. Sounds like this is part of the problem with this film. I think the other problem is the PG-13 rating it’s been given. Robocop-the original-was gloriously violent, they had to actually edit scenes to get it down to R. It just doesn’t feel like a Robocop movie without an R rating. :/

    • Muthsarah

      Any hope of Robocop getting an R-rating would have been dashed after what happened with Dredd. Outside of the horror or super-raunchy comedy genres, we’re just not seeing R-rating anythings. A troubled production like this one would for sure go through even more delays for retooling rather than being released with a rating that makes it even harder to sell to the less-discerning youth market.

      • Thomas Stockel

        You have a good point there. The market has changed pretty dramatically in the past twenty five years or so and perhaps Dredd’s lackluster performance had an impact on how Robocop was produced, seeing as they both cater to the same market.

        • Sofie Liv

          I guess hoping for a secret “Un-cencored cut.” to be released on DVD is a foolish hope huh?

          it’s really unfortunately, the movie was good, but it could have been sooo much better if it had been allowed to go all out and go bananas with its ideas.

          • Muthsarah

            Well…”Unrated Cuts” are usually only slightly R-er than theatrical releases, just with a few things put back in that were taken out to get the PG-13. But any movie released as a PG-13 was likely written and filmed to be PG-13 to begin with (hence why they took the stuff out), so you just go from one end of the borderline to the other. Even an Unrated cut isn’t going to be so very R.

            What I’m curious to know is how often the “Unrated Cut” is released theatrically overseas, if they can get them into markets that wouldn’t care so much or be so restrictive, or if they’re just lazy and ship the same American theatrical cut to every country, with dubbing/subbing being the only difference. Then again, we’re talking about a hard-R-for-violence movie with Robocop, and the popular impression is that you get a lot more leeway here for blood and guts than you get in most other countries.

  • Aria Lynn Cummings

    That’s not Liam Neeson as the professor. It’s actually Gary Oldman.

  • Kanonite

    I loved the remake but had two main gripes with two of the characters. Those chars being Murphies family. His son felt too aloof and distant to be a realistic kid while his wife felt almost permanently on the verge of crying and thought “YOU MUST SEE YOUR SON ;_;” should take priority over thwarting three murders.