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Renegado teams up with The Wire to try to make sense of Rob Schneider’s latest terrible attempt at a sitcom. ¡Rob! (yes, it’s written like that) is about an architect who marries into a tightly-knit Mexican-American family, and the worst part about it is they dragged Cheech Marin and Eugenio Derbez into this! That, and it’s insufferably racist. So yeah, just like any other sitcom.

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  • Wow… this gives me “All American Girl” vibes. Ugh…

  • Muthsarah

    Really good episode here. It’s an easy target, but I don’t envy the prep you had to do for this. How many days did it take you to get through all eight episodes?

    !Rob! is the latest in a long line of sitcoms so bad, it seems it might just single-handedly put the genre out of its misery (see also: half of what NBC was putting out in the late 90s, According to Jim, 2.5 Men, Whitney). Of course, that never happens, and another generation will likely have to suffer through what we did.

    Now, when you were going over all the tropes and bafflingly offensive story elements (not just plot occurrences, but fundamental issues with the show), I keep thinking: this COULD still work, if it was written well. It’s a tired trope that every husband has a bad relationship with his unreasonable mother-in-law, and occasionally takes abuse from an unreasonable father-in-law. But the idea of having a show built around a guy who is roundly despised by his wife’s entire family…you could make that funny. Especially if he genuinely deserves it, so the audience is expected to side with the in-laws and tune in to watch this guy get his just desserts week after week. You’d have to explain why the wife still stands him, but if you make him just likeable enough that you could see why SHE likes him, while still making it clear why her family doesn’t (they didn’t marry him, after all), you could, I don’t know, actually use that as a means of giving her character and a personality of her own. Make her more than just another stereotype. Just a thought.

    Of course, the big elephant in the room is the humor built around racial stereotypes. And that could work too; culture clash and star-crossed lovers and all that can make for a very interesting story, and you can always play up the differences for laughs. Obviously, this show didn’t even try, and I suspect not having a single Mexican writer* had something to do with it. Instead of having cultural jokes going both ways, lampooning how Mexican and American manners can be different sometimes, they just have Rob be the archetypical sitcom schlub, and everyone else is nuts. “Mexicans are funny because they’re different! Oh, that poor Rob, he just doesn’t know how to deal with these crazy hot-blooded Latins. At least the wife’s hot, I don’t know how else it’d be worth it. Tacos!” New low, CBS. Nice job.

    * – If I caught that right.

  • Jay_Bay

    Ok, Im just gonna say this….

    I never get Rob Schneider. How is he freaking successful being a lackey of Adam Sandler, who while I don’t get his popularity either realize that his earlier movies were entertaining to watch. But Rob, no mas. Fuck that guy and the horse that he rode in on.

    But this show gets me angry in a way I’m not use to. I am a Black guy married to a White woman, living in the South. While we didn’t have the quick wedding like Rob and his ditzy wife (seriously, she is from Spain. She looks more white than my wife), I didn’t meet her family except for her mom and dad until after our marriage. So meeting them for the first time, especially since I know thanks to warning from her and her parents that a few relatives ARE EXTREMELY RACIST, it just common courtesy to be humble, take it with a grain of salt, and just be the nicest motherfucker you can be. But does Rob does that, no because he is a selfish douche. If that had any similarity to his real life marriage, then someone should really check on her for any emotional damage, I swear.

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Wow. If I may quote from MST3K: “This is offensive to single-celled organisms.” Good review, thanks for giving me another reason to hate Rob Schneider (he was already on my shit list for his feud with movie critics in general, and Roger Ebert specifically.) However, I have to disagree with The Wire’s characterization of Rob Schneider as a “douche nozzle”. A douche nozzle actually performs a useful function in making sure that douche is applied accurately and with minimal mess. Rob Schneider is not nearly so beneficial to humanity.

  • jjramsey

    What happened to the turtle? Well, judging from Nycea’s summaries of PGSM, it wandered off to Japan.

    Anyway … wow! Even with you two reviewers shielding us from the full awfulness of “¡Rob!”, the unfunniness of that sitcom just wafts from the screen. I so do not envy you for watching all the episodes of that dreck.

  • Cheshire Cat

    Ah, Cheech Marin. America’s ‘go to guy’ for Mexican uncle/father/brother/sidekick. And mostly unfunny.

    • danbreunig

      Yeah, mostly unfunny when in material (loose term here) like this. I really enjoyed his part in Machete, and for me it works because his role wasn’t meant to be funny. Maybe a little over the top, but not in the comedic way that we know him for. I sure want to see Cheech as a renegade priest more than an overplayed older relative any day.

      • Cheshire Cat

        I never saw Machete. Don’t hate me :)

        • danbreunig

          I won’t, it’s cool. That’s one I would recommend if you feel up to it.

  • MichaelANovelli

    I remember when this was getting a big push. I thought it was a dream…

  • So, this show is just like “Allen Gregory” only more stupidly boring, full of characters that are just as unlikable as those characters, maybe has one or 2 funny moments (emphasis on maybe) and it… suffered the same fate as that show. Just be glad that this show (also like the aforementioned show) was never picked up for a full season, people.

    Honestly, why do you all do critiques of shows like this if you personally don’t like or care for it, anyway?