Road House (1989) (part 13 of 15)

Cut to Dalton, down at Emmet’s barn, hands all wrapped in gauze as he angrily kickboxes a two-by-four covered in pillows. Not exactly the Slam Man, is it? When in Jasper, a man must improvise. Garrett shows up, and correctly guess that Dalton’s “all fucked up”. Dalton continues kickboxing, unheeding. I think it’s just now starting to sink in that Wesley boned Elizabeth.

But really, what’s got him so pissed off here? Is it that Elizabeth called Wesley “Brad”? Or is he terrified at the prospect of “goin’ down”? Or does this whole affair remind him of the time when he was a kid, and a big monster truck smashed through his house and killed his parents?

Garrett says they should just leave town. Dalton says Garrett is welcome to leave, but he’s staying. And then he starts to climb a rope. Yes, just like in gym class. No word on whether or not he’s getting a funny feeling, however. Garrett sees him head up to the second level of the barn, and with an exasperated “Fuck,” he climbs a ladder to get up there, too.

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Multi-Part Article: Road House (1989)

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