Road House (1989) (part 12 of 15)

Dalton returns to the nearly empty Double Deuce, where he finds Brad Wesley casually ordering a drink. Whoa, Brad Wesley has actually set foot inside the Double Deuce? Well, I shouldn’t be surprised by this; All he had to do was walk across the parking lot after he was done torching Red’s place. He’s surrounded by his various goons and Ultra Platinum Slut. Well, it’s good to see her face has already healed nicely.

The bartenders look to Dalton, who nods for them to go ahead and serve Wesley.

Then Wesley goes into a tirade, yelling that it’s too quiet in here. “Play something, Elvis!” He yells that he wants to buy the firefighters a drink for trying to help a “no-good, faggot draft-dodger like Red Webster!” Let’s see. Red is obviously too old to have been drafted for Vietnam, so apparently, he dodged the draft during the Korean War. Now, I’m sure somebody, somewhere dodged the Korean draft, but how common was that, really?

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Multi-Part Article: Road House (1989)

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