Right-wing comedy ninja to launch stealth attack so sneaky almost no one will ever see it

michael loftis

Do you live Laredo, Texas, or Mason City, Iowa?

Then I’ve got some great news that’s sure to tickle your conservative funny bone!

The Flipside with Michael Loftus is really, totally, finally going to happen — and you’re in one of the handful of TV markets that it’s really, totally, finally going to happen in!

You may vaguely remember hearing something about a conservative answer to The Daily Show last November and then absolutely nothing about it since. Well, your breathless anticipation is about to come to end. The Flip Side has signed up 39 independent TV stations in cities (and/or quaint little hamlets) all the way from Bullhead City, Nevada, to Elmira, New York, to carry its premiere season.

“There is definitely, DEFINITELY a hunger for a show like The Flip Side,” declares host Michael Loftus (not to be confused with gay porn star Michael Loftis, unless you want to, which I do).

Yes, the voice of the REAL American people cannot be silenced! Not by the liberals in Hollywood, not by the communist in the White House, and not even by all sixteen thousand cable networks that unanimously passed on this piece of crap.

Well, KSWX in Wichita Falls, Oklahoma, didn’t pass! That’s called the free market, bitches!

Starting this September (maybe), the good people of Salisbury, Maryland, and Lima, Ohio, will get exactly what they’ve been silently demanding since the beginning of this sentence—a bitter Daily Show knockoff from the right-wing comedic genius behind Outsourced (which lasted 2 episodes), American Wiseass (1 episode), and BuckleRoos 2 (2004 GayVN Award winner for Best Sex Scene).

So get ready, Wausau, Wisconsin! Prepare yourself for 10 solid minutes of “Those liberals say they hate capitalism but wear $150 t-shirts, and can you believe Al Gore still owns a car?” stale yuks, followed by 15 minutes of “I’m a conservative! There, I said it! Aren’t I brave?! Let see the PC police come and arrest me!” self-congratulations, and then maybe an interview or something… IF YOU CAN!

Word is that Stephen Colbert is so worried that he’s already signed papers to flee The Colbert Report for parts unknown.

(Fun fact: Gay porn star Michael Loftis once appeared in an episode of HGTV’s Curb Appeal as a landscaper, leading countless Republican Congressmen to ask their wives, “Where do I know that guy from?”)

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  • Everleaf

    I should have known that central Wisconsin wouldn’t let me down. Out of curiosity, is the misspelling of Wausau intentional?