RiffTrax returning to TV, plus a free MST3K movie right here on the ol’ interwebs


RiffTrax returning to TV, plus a free MST3K movie right here on the ol' interwebs

Lots of news on the RiffTrax/Mystery Science Theater 3000 front today.

First, the National Geographic Channel has ordered two more Total Riff Off episodes to air this December. Similar to the first three that aired on April Fool’s Day earlier this year, the RiffTrax team will provide a running commentary of some old nature documentary shows.


Second, the gang has announced a live holiday special to be simulcast in movie theaters nationwide on December 4. The target of their mockery will be K. Gordon Murray’s 1959 film Santa Claus. Per Wikipedia, “In the film, Santa works in outer space and does battle with a demon sent to Earth by Lucifer to ruin Christmas by killing Santa and ‘making all the children of the Earth do evil.’” Sounds delightful. Devoted MST3K fans may remember this film from season 5, but the RiffTrax team assures us the commentary they’re bringing to theaters is all-new.

(If you just can’t wait, RiffTrax is doing Anaconda live in theaters for Halloween on Thursday, October 30.)

Third, if you wanna watch an entire free movie from the old MST3K show, we’ve got it for you right here, courtesy of The Annotated MST. Their schtick is to document and explain (via pop-up notes) every joke and reference made by the MST3K team. The movie is Mitchell, a one-star 1975 flick featuring a young Joe Don Baker as a brash, alcoholic cop. More free annotated MST3K episodes are reportedly coming soon.

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