The Best of RiffTrax Shorts, Volume 1 (2009)

SUMMARY: Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett take aim at nine of those educational shorts we all remember from school, when the teacher just wanted a few minutes of peace.

The Best of RiffTrax Shorts, Volume 1 (2009)

One of the best aspects of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was that they used to regularly throw a short film in front of their main feature. These were often even funnier than the riffing done on the movie itself, and thankfully, the RiffTrax guys have carried the tradition over with two collections that came out last June (as well as a few more that came out in January).

For those of you unfamiliar with RiffTrax, here’s a quick primer. it’s a series of downloadable DVD commentaries from Mike Nelson and assorted others, and those assorted others are usually Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. Some of these commentaries have been collected on DVD, and they’re quite affordable and hilarious. And no, I’m not just doing a RiffTrax article because the Agony Booth has ads for them.

Yep, that’s me. One hundred percent independent, and not willing to shill a product just to get the site a few extra bucks. Well, I do hope this article and further ones inspire folks to seek out RiffTrax and be as entertained as I’ve been, but that’s all a complete coincidence, swear to God.

Oh, who am I kidding? I am a cog in the vast corporate machine that rules us all. Bow down before me and tremble, but not before buying some RiffTrax! Kneel before me and spend! I am the future!

And now, our feature presentation: the nine shorts that make up The Best of RiffTrax Shorts, Volume 1.

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