Richard Simmons Loves This Shirt!

Richard Simmons Loves This Shirt!

Loves this shirt.

When I was a kid, we all laughed and laughed at Richard Simmons, because he was RIDICULOSE. It would be 20 years or so before I realized Richard Simmons was just a wonderful flamboyant man of gayness with love and helpfulness in his heart, and LEAVE RICHARD SIMMONS ALOOOOONE.

I even almost got mad at the Obamas, and would have if such a thing were possible, when Richard Simmons revealed they just weren’t that into him. GODDAMMIT OBAMAS, YOU BE NICE TO HIM!

Well, things are better now, because Richard Simmons LOVES THIS SHIRT! Here, let him tell us:

In case you didn’t know, I love this shirt!

Do you love that shirt, reader? Well, IT DOESN’T MATTER if you love that shirt, because Richard Simmons loves that shirt! Everyone, let’s all find something today that makes us happy. I, for instance, love this gin!


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  • doktorzoom

    It’s a nice shirt, but it really belongs on the hood of a Trans Am

    • gullywompr

      Maybe it…. Nah, too easy.

  • Sean

    Gin good.

  • Editrix, you & your friends here make me happy sometimes. (Laugh is the same as “happy,” right?)