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Deadheads, Give Up On Rest Of Your Day Because You’re Going Down Black Hole Of Revamped Jerry Garcia Website

Deadheads, Give Up On Rest Of Your Day Because You're Going Down Black Hole Of Revamped Jerry Garcia Website

Last night, Jerry Garcia’s website relaunched, and it is so very pretty. How much stuff does it have on it? All the stuff.

…15,000 hours of recorded music and 3,450 shows, as well as timelines and information about 26 of Jerry’s bands and 77 of his musical collaborators. Fans will also be able to “follow” 10 different tours undertaken by Garcia’s bands. Featured are Spring 1970 (Grateful Dead), Europe 1972 (Grateful Dead), Summer 1974 (Grateful Dead), Summer 1976 (Grateful Dead), Spring 1977 (Grateful Dead), Summer 1988 (Grateful Dead), Fall 1989 (Jerry Garcia Band), Spring 1990 (Grateful Dead), Fall 1993 (Grateful Dead) and Fall 1993 (Jerry Garcia Band).

OK, we’ll be honest. We can’t actually find 15,000 hours of recorded music after clicky-clicking around the site. Some shows have links that kick you over to the Internet Archive or to Spotify, but we’re not finding a treasure trove of music on the site. Maybe we are not looking hard enough or maybe we are not high enough. Maybe that comes later after everyone gets that first free taste of sweet sweet website and then will pony up coin later to feed their addiction.

Even sans music, or with music that is impossible to find, the site is gorgeous. Honestly, every website for a musical act with a long and storied history — particularly one so based on live shows (looking at your meh website, Bob Dylan) — should look. You’ll go down a deadhole looking up pictures of shows you have attended, shows you had a 6th-generation bootleg of, look at band lineups for the Dead over the years, and explore all the side acts Garcia was ever in, which were many.

Please give our apologies to your boss for inducing your complete lack of productivity this afternoon.

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