Return to Oz (1985) (part 5 of 5)

Another spy appears at the Nome King’s ear, and tells him that Tik-Tok seems to be stuck in the middle of the treasure room, not moving. Whoops, looks like his action works must have run down. Dorothy is allowed to go in to wind Tik-Tok up, but she’ll have to make her guesses while she’s in there.

Before she leaves, the Nome King tells her she doesn’t have to risk her life like this. He can use the ruby slippers to send her back to Kansas, safe and sound, and he can also fix it so she never remembers Oz again. Tempting, but no. Dorothy dutifully heads into the treasure room to save the Scarecrow and her other friends.

Caption contributed by R.G. Quimby

Too bad they don’t have a Pier One Imports in Dorothy’s town. If they did, she’d totally know her way around this place.

She wanders through and finds Tik-Tok frozen among the objects. When she runs to him, Dorothy discovers that he’s still all wound up.

Tik-Tok says it was all a ruse. He has one guess left, and if he turns into an object, then Dorothy can see what he becomes. And maybe then she’ll have some clue about what the Scarecrow might have been turned into.

You see, Tik-Tok’s been having some trouble guessing today. He thinks maybe his brains were damaged or something. Dorothy gives Tik-Tok a hug, and a greasy tear slides out of his eye.

Return to Oz (1985) (part 5 of 5)


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Multi-Part Article: Return to Oz (1985)

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