RAW FEED: Responding to Justicar

*ADVISORY: We are discussing sexual violence.*

Justicar’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR_3RWFByPQ
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  • Gearóid

    Crime is going down but more people from the U.S.A. are in prison and penalties are harsher for drugs etc.
    Not trying to take a pot shot, i am very mixed about the issues you cover as in if its important.
    It seems getting involved in internet debate thats contentious is a dark hole people are being dragged down.
    You said in your video about Donald Trump that he will erode Feminist legal gains.
    Obama from the start like Bush Jr spent there administrations eroding working class legal gains.
    Do you think Hillery will be any different, even though she’s a woman?.
    I dont want to see the U.S.A. self destruct and i hate Trump.
    I really like your articles on stuff like Minaj, i bought MZ Marvel on your recommendation, its very sweet and amazingly drawn, she is the first girl with a curved nose i have ever seen depicted in comics.
    Keep up the good work.