Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) (part 7 of 7)

Meanwhile, backstage somewhere, Repo comes to Shilo’s rescue, only for her to get the drop on him, thanks to the old it’s-not-really-her-just-her-costume ruse.

Caption contributed by Mark

”And this is for making us watch you making out with Buffy’s mom!”

His mask comes off and the boring confrontation begins. If the story in general wasn’t so teeth-grindingly irritating and circular, I wouldn’t bother caring about this scene at all. It’s the standard accusations from every other double-life story ever made, but what makes it so stupid is that Shilo’s found out, not only that her father, the only person she’s ever trusted, has been lying to her all her life, but that he’s, in case you’ve forgotten, a mass murderer. Yet to see her in action, you’d think he just told her she couldn’t go to the prom. She runs out singing, “You are dead, Dad, in my eyes! Someone has replaced you. Dad I hate you, go and die!”

Despite the fact that this is the number two phrase most often uttered by teenage girls to their fathers, just behind “Dad, please don’t friend me on Facebook!”, this is nonetheless just the microscopic push Nathan needs to completely move to Crazy Town. Repo decides it’s all Rotti’s fault that he’s lost his daughter and scream-sings, “Then let the father die! And let the monster riiiiiise!” while comic-book panels of Repo slaughters suddenly flash across the screen like peals of lightning. This clues us in that the monster he’s singing about is himself, i.e., Repo, and not, say, Gamera.

Caption contributed by Mark

On learning he was contractually obligated to do the sequel, Anthony Stewart Head flew into a feral rage and ate the entire cast. No, seriously, that actually happened.

Repo takes to the stage behind the still-drawn curtains, ready to lay down some heavy shit on the Largo clan, only to get distracted by the prone, impaled form of his dead wife’s BFF Mag, allowing a suddenly important Luigi to kneecap him. Meanwhile, Shilo runs onstage from the other direction, for no particular reason. The curtain comes up just as Rotti’s laying out his entire scheme. Luigi and Pavi, taking advantage of the audience (there may be a GASP sign that lights up just offstage), convince Shilo that Repo murdered her mother, while Rotti, drumroll please…

Reveals that Shilo doesn’t actually have a medical condition. Her father’s been systematically poisoning her through her medicine!

Why? No one says. And even if it isn’t one of Rotti’s lies, we’re actually supposed to sympathize with Nathan, who’s being zapped with cattleprods by the Robert Palmer blue-lipped fashionista guards. Because when your job is to kill people for being deadbeats and rip out their livers with extreme prejudice, you can’t always make good parenting choices, right? Shilo starts having trouble breathing, causing Rotti to get all concerned and tell her to fight through it, while Repo sings, “It’s me who failed you.” Well, yeah.

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Multi-Part Article: Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

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