VIDEO: Regular Show “The Christmas Special”

Joey takes a look at the un-appropriately titled Regular Show, the Cartoon Network series about a blue jay and a raccoon and their wacky, surreal misadventures, and its special 2012 Christmas episode, creatively titled “The Christmas Special”.

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  • This is one of those shows I’ve been meaning to have a look at like Adventure Time (which I have seen recently and is right up my alley. I got introduced to it through Lemongrab of all characters, is that UNACCEPTABLE to you Joey?) but the consensus is that it’s one of Cartoon Network’s better shows today like AT I’m sure it’s worth a look. I have seen a clip of a stoned store clerk watching TV going “All day, every day.” so far and that’s it!

    I’m liking the look of this special though. Ed Asner is just one of those voices that I have heard a lot (Recess and The Boondocks in particular) and it is a gruff, don’t-fuck-with-me kind of voice at his most intense and a gruff, warming voice at his most restrained. Badass Santa seems like a good choice for Mr Asner/Wuncler/Third.

    • Joseph Tedesco

      I know! It was surprising that it took a hover-board and a pony tail to have Asner out-badass his own version of Santa Claus! 

      I think shows like “Adventure Time” and “The Regular Show” are ushering a new renaissance in tv animation. Between cartoons on “The Hub,” “Cartoon Network,” and even Disney of all networks; they’re really picking up their game!

      As far as “Adventure Time” goes, that’s a show I still need to catch up on. So far i’m not so disappointed, but I personally prefer watching “Regular Show” more. However Pendelton Ward is also producing another animated show for the web called “Bravest Warrior” that is really funny! I highly recommend checking that out if you’re a fan of “Adventure Time!”

  • $36060516

    (dumb name-dropper comment self-censored, sorry)

    • Joseph Tedesco

      Fair enough… I guess?

      • $36060516

        I barely know someone who works on the show, then got embarrassed about having mentioned it as if it somehow made me special.  Felt pretty silly.

        • Joseph Tedesco

          That’s cool! If there’s somebody or someone I know working on a movie or show, there’s a good chance i’d talk about it! If you don’t feel like talking about it, then I acknowledge your decision 🙂