Regarding Josh Duggar (and Oprah)

Josh Duggar

When Josh Duggar was a 14-year-old boy, he inappropriately touched several younger girls. What is a humor site like this supposed to do with revelations like that?

Nothing. If you want the details, you can Google them. This isn’t the place for it.

Don’t worry, I’ll get back to mocking the whole Duggar family for being sexist and bigoted and repressive and backwards really soon. But not about this.


Instead, let’s talk about how awesome Oprah is. Back in 2006, Oprah was scheduled to have the Duggar family on her show, but someone tipped her off about then 18-year-old Josh’s actions when he was fourteen. Wow… a bombshell like that drops right into her lap days before a hyper-sexist, bigoted, religiously extreme, suddenly famous family is coming on her show. What to do? Imagine the ratings!!

Oprah alerted the proper authorities—in this case, the Department of Human Services—and quietly cancelled the family’s appearance. No bombshell. No ratings bonanza.

Some rumors escaped, of course. A story on from 2010 says:

Oprah was to air a segment on the Duggars but suddenly it got scraped. Of course, rumors started to fly. One rumor says she pulled the segment because of child molesting charges against Josh.None of this was ever confirmed. those are serious charges.Another rumor says the Duggars turned down a full college scholarhsip for the girls. This didn’t go ever well with Oprah. Again, these are unconfirmed. their segment could be canceled for any number of reasons. (sic, sic, sic, sic, sic, sic)

Oprah didn’t capitalize on the family’s pain. Give me a choice between Oprah’s money and her grace, and I’d pick her gra— Okay, no, I’d probably take the money, but that’s only because I don’t have her grace.

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