Redskins Name Isn’t Racist, Says Moron at Boston Herald

Tailgating is the most respectful way to pay tribute to a people who suffered genocide.

Kerry J. Byrne is out with a Big Think Piece in today’s Boston Herald, where discerning individuals always go for their Big Think Pieces. In the article, Byrne considers the possibility that “Redskins” might be a racist name, but concludes that’s not possible because the actual Native person depicted in the logo was besties with ol’ Billy Penn.

The Native American who inspired the Washington Redskins name and logo was celebrated by our Founding Fathers as a patron saint of America. […] The face on the Redskins uniform is that of a member of the Lenni-Lenape tribe named Tamanend, or Tammany. He was a confidant of William Penn and symbolized the blend of Old World and New that made the United States possible.

YA BURNT, stoopid libruls, Kerry J. Byrne is droppin’ some COLD FOOTBALL FACTS all up on your dome piece. Presumably, smallpox blankets, broken treaties, and the Trail of Tears are other components of “the blend of Old World and New that made the United States possible,” but those don’t get mentioned because when you’re mixing up a delicious blend of cultures, it’s best to omit the ingredients that leave a bitter taste in the mouth.
Let’s go back to the game film and see how Tamanend contributed to this fantastic American blend of thirteen original herbs and spices, shall we?

Tamanend reputedly took part in a meeting between the leaders of the Lenni-Lenape nation, and the leaders of the Pennsylvania colony held under a large elm tree at Shakamaxon in the early 1680s. There, Tamanend is reported to have announced that the Lenni-Lenape and the English colonists would “live in peace as long as the waters run in the rivers and creeks and as long as the stars and moon endure.”

AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED? We are pretty sure everything worked out the way Tamanend had hoped, CASE CLOSED, RACISM IS OVER. Besides, says flaming moron Kerry J. Byrne, even if the name “Redskins” is racist, then that’s because a Democrat did it, and all Democrats are racist, QED.

Evidence exists Redskins founder George Preston Marshall was a racist. But the name Redskins is not racist. It defies reason that a racist would name a team for a race of people he despised. And he had nothing to do with the creation of the logo and its Native American identity. He merely adopted it from the Democrat Party operative [James] Gaffney.

See? “Redskins is not racist,” and that’s true because Kerry J. Byrne wrote it on the paper. The pen is truly mightier than the sword, or whatever weapons the Native Americans living in the Delaware Valley used as they were being brutally forced off their land.

And it “defies reason” that anyone would ever put the face of a conquered person on anything—just ask the Romans, who totally didn’t adorn Trajan’s Forum with statues of the conquered Dacian people whose riches financed the empire’s expansion. Who has even heard of such a thing, other than anyone who’s acquainted with the basics of Roman history?

Then Byrne reaches over to grab a warm towel and clean himself up, because rewriting history to suit one’s own purposes is a messy business.

In reality, the name Redskins, like every sports nickname, is a tribute. In this case, it’s a tribute to a great American who had a profound influence on the young nation.[…] It’s no small irony that the PC police now want to wipe from history a public tribute to this influential Native American merely because of the color of his skin.

Are people trying to make the Washington Football Team change its name because of the color of its mascot’s skin? Wasn’t aware of that, Kerry J. Byrne, but A+ reporting there, dude. It’s just a tribute, guys! Just like the “Mississippi Teen Moms,” and all those other names you horrible people came up with.

Thank you, Kerry J. Byrne, for setting the record straight about how much our country has and continues to honor Native peoples, with tributes and slurs and whatnot.

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[Boston Herald]

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  • beavertank

    I don’t get this whole weird insistence that “the name wasn’t chosen to be racist, so the word isn’t racist”… It’s like insisting that some non-derogatory use of a racial slur absolves the slur of any negative meaning.Even IF it’s true, it doesn’t matter. At all. But hey, the people defending the name (mostly) seem to be mouth breathing idiots, so I suppose I shouldn’t expect much…

    • Haribo Lector

      See, I’m on board with the idea that intent has a bearing on the moral blameworthiness of an action. But that’s nothing to do with whether or not words are racist. If I shoot you by accident, your injuries would be no less severe than had I intended it. Racism without intent is just as racist as intentional racism.Of course this is all hypothetical. The name ‘Redskins’ was definitely intended to be racist.

      • beavertank

        But the issue isn’t moral blameworthiness, it’s whether or not it can be trademarked. And nowhere in the laws governing that question does intent come into play.

  • M H

    It looks like someone is angling to be the Richard Cohen of the Boston Herald.

  • Hammiepants

    Oh great, another white guy bloviating about what is and isn’t racist

  • Haribo Lector

    In other news, the n-word is no longer racist because Allen West exists.

  • BMW

    I like that he worked in “Democrat Party” and “PC Police”, but it’d been better if he’d also used “lamestream media” and gone for the trifecta.

  • Gustave188

    Leave it to a potato eater to come up with such a dumb theory.

  • Brenda Szuszczewicz

    Oh, well, so I can start calling my Mexican neighbors wetbacks as song as it is a tribute. I did not know this. I am sure they will be honored by my intent.

    • Jay B.

      No, no, Brenda, it’s only a tribute if you call Cesar Chavez a wetback. Otherwise, you deny his important contribution to American culture.

  • Mediorite

    The “PC Police”, AKA the living, breathing Native American Indians who are leading the protest against the name?

  • MichaelG

    You misspelled “moran.”

  • Joseph

    In keeping with general tenor and importance of the subject it should be spelled “maroon”.

  • Commish of hangin’

    That doesn’t surprise me considering Boston is the most racist city in the country.

    • glasspusher

      I don’t know if it’s the most, but it is racist. Damn, it took Mo Vaughn to finally break the “how about liking a black guy on the Red Sox” problem. Considering how many good people in Boston, the large group of bigots is appalling.

    • Cat

      Pelase do not judge us all by the stunted morons at the Herald. Thank you. #boston