Red Zone Cuba (1966) (part 9 of 9)

When we fade back in, we hear a rooster crowing, and Ruby is sipping coffee at the breakfast table. Then we see Cook buttering some toast and pronouncing, “Mrs. Chastain, you sure cook fine vittles!” And believe me, Cook has a very discerning palette.

Next we find Ruby bringing table scraps out to the dogs. You mean, the three hobos actually left behind some crumbs of food? That just isn’t possible. Landis, standing completely behind a tree somewhere, asks where the “pick and shovels” are. As Ruby tells him, we see Cook smoking and looking around utterly confused. Well, I’m glad it’s not just me. We then see Griffin pull a Geiger Counter out of a shed and blow dust off of it. For some reason, this leads to a shot of Cook raising his eyebrows [??]. Don’t ask, don’t think about it, and let’s just keep moving.

We then see Ruby and Cook standing over by her car, and she says to no one in particular, “Nice to have friends. Bailey always had friends.” But mostly, he knew a lot of jerks. Griffin comes over with the Geiger Counter and Landis comes over with a pick axe. They all hop in and drive off. Call me kooky, but I think you need more than a pick axe and a Geiger Counter to mine for tungsten.

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Multi-Part Article: Red Zone Cuba (1966)

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