Red Zone Cuba (1966) (part 8 of 9)

Eventually, it’s night, and the hobos are still driving. Since the lighting here is so dim that I can barely see their decrepit faces, this is without a doubt the sweetest moment in the whole movie. Then it’s daytime again and we’re looking at a train coming down the tracks. The three hobos decide to ditch the convertible, so they park and walk over to the train.

They hear a whistle blow, and Cook helpfully yells, “Hey, Griffin, the train’s movin’ out!” Hey, is that what a whistle means? We see the three of them run alongside the train as Griffin yells at them to grab on. They proceed to hang onto the side of the train for a while until Griffin tells them to climb up on top.

Next, we find the three of them walking on “top” of the moving train. Curiously, the camera only shoots them from the waist up here. I wonder why. Then we see the three of them climbing out of a stationary box car. This means, I guess, that we’ve just seen the incident that the Gazette Guy was interviewing John Carradine about in this movie’s “teaser”. Hey, if an event like this isn’t worth a write-up in the local newspaper, then I don’t know what is.

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Multi-Part Article: Red Zone Cuba (1966)

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