Red Zone Cuba (1966) (part 4 of 9)

The next thing we see is Cherokee Jack starting up his plane’s propellers. All three drifters climb in for some rip-roaring pointless staring as the plane heads down the runway. After a wildly out of focus shot of Landis, the plane takes off.

And now, God help us, we get a scene that does for flying footage what “Manos” did for driving footage. That’s right, we actually get to watch the entire flight, and most of it from inside the plane. To shots of the wing, we hear a nearly catatonic Griffin say, “If you need any help, my friend here can fly. He’ll spell you.” [?] That must be some 60’s hobo slang I’m not hip to. Either that, or Griffin was bragging that he knows someone who can spell the word “you”.

There’s another radically out of focus shot of Cook and Landis sitting in the back seat of the plane. Suddenly, we hear a thunder clap [?] even though it’s bright daylight outside. Then Griffin lights up a cigarette [!] inside the plane. Something tells me that’s not really a good idea. Anyway, several more overdubbed thunderclaps and outrageously out of focus shots of the pair in the back follow.

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Multi-Part Article: Red Zone Cuba (1966)

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