Red Heat (1988) (part 3 of 4)

Next, we stray from reality. As the quartet is walking out, an armored truck pulls up, and four uniformed guards enter the building carrying money bags. And the soundtrack and sound effects inform us that something might not be right with this security team.

For one thing, they just happen to enter just as the four men are leaving. Also, there’s another minor, barely noteworthy, almost insignificant detail: Exactly how often do armored security details make cash deliveries to police headquarters? I only ask because no cops in the building seem to find this strange.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

”We’re here to pick up this week’s bribe and kickback deposit.”

Sure enough, the guards jump them, with one of them getting shot, and Gallagher dying inside the police station. Rosta pats the pockets of a subdued Danko to find the precious key. But before he escapes, Danko swats it from his hand.

Jimbo races outside, and then we get a gripping sequence. Danko is on the floor, bloodied; the camera zooms in on the fallen key. An orchestra swells, and Danko slowly and dramatically tries to crawl eighteen inches. Thirty seconds of screen time are burned before he finally makes it and collapses with the key in his clutches. I’m beginning to feel like crawling through this film is even more arduous.

And from this point on, the locker key will be referenced so much that I half-expected everyone to start referring to it as “My Precious”.

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Multi-Part Article: Red Heat (1988)

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