Red Heat (1988) (part 2 of 4)

Jump cut to Chicago, where Rosta is not only hiding out, but fitting in quite nicely. In a matter of days, he’s already established contacts with Chicago underworld players, and is setting up a sizable drug business. This is all very impressive… and it makes you wonder why the hell he was slumming it behind the Iron Curtain all those years if becoming a kingpin in the U.S. is this easy.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I threaten promise you that Jim Belushi was in this film? One of the few joys to be found in this movie is that Belushi doesn’t surface until more than fifteen minutes in. (Much thanks to you, Mr. Hill!)

But now, it’s time for Belushi to make his entrance, and for us to get our introduction to Arthur Ridzic. And you get an immediate sense of the depth of this character based on his opening words, while he’s on a stakeout with two other cops.

Ridzic: [ogling a busty hooker on the corner] Oh! Attention! Fun Bag Patrol, double bogies, 11 o’clock… You think she bought those? I don’t think so. Those are homegrown.

So he’s channeling the desperate virgin in every teen sex farce from the 1980s? He ain’t Donnie Brasco, that’s for sure.

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Multi-Part Article: Red Heat (1988)

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