Red Band Society succumbs to ratings cancer

Red Band Society succumbs to ratings cancer

Is it tacky to say Red Band Society is facing a terminal diagnosis? Or that FOX is pulling the plug? What if we were to say the children’s cancer ward drama is being surgically removed the Wednesday lineup like a malignant tumor?

FOX hasn’t officially cancelled the show, but the network isn’t going to be airing it anymore either. There are three unaired episodes in the can, and they’re likely to stay there until they suffocate. Seems people don’t want to watch a bunch of teenagers die slowly of cancer. Who’d have guessed?


We did, for one. “Cancelled midseason” was the official HNTP prediction before the season started. Nailed that one. (On the other hand, we thought fellow FOX freshmen shows Gracepoint and Mulaney were going to be hits, so maybe we shouldn’t boast too loudly.)

Red Band Society is the first drama to get the axe this season, the second FOX show (after reality bomb Utopia), the sixth newcomer (with Manhattan Love Story, Selfie, Bad Judge, and A to Z), and the seventh show overall (add The Millers).

On a positive note, NBC has given Friday night sitcom Cristela the go-ahead to keep producing new episodes for the full season.

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