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We Recap ‘The Voice’ Season Five Episodes Thirteen to Fifteen So You Don’t Have To Watch It All

It’s the Live Shows! The freakin’ Live Shows! This week, the finalists strutted their stuff and went for the glass-shattering high notes. The Voice peeps looked sharp. And Americans, we were reminded over and over by host Carson Daly, voted. It was in our hot little remote-controlled hands. It was a lot of responsibility, but we manned up and made it happen.


But, you know we’re not gonna lie to you. It’s been a hard week for some talented powerhouse vocal chords. After three episodes of “The Voice,” the teams whittled down to the Top 12, with eight singers sent on their way. Viewers voted for the top two from each coach’s team, and the coaches got to choose one more from the remaining crew to save.

No doubt after all the hubbub some fans felt stronger in their convictions while others may have felt lost and betrayed by their favorite coaches. The first two nights showcased each performer in a song of his or her coach’s choosing. The third night, the teams performed songs together and learned their fate.

In case you missed all the melodic drama, we’re summing up the highs and lows.

Team Blake:

Team Blake

Team Blake

The group’s rendition of The Edgar Winter Group’s “Free Ride” was, let’s just say, shit. The rag tag troubadours were just not in sync with each other from start to finish. And as much as we love the musical theater wonder Nic Hawk, we didn’t care for his dance interlude at all this one time.

By Thursday, we were saying goodbye to Shelbie Z despite her flawless, outlaw country sass on Bobbie Gentry’s “Fancy.” It just wasn’t enough for America or Blake Shelton.

Nic Hawk gayed it up brilliantly bringing his quadruple threat of charisma, singing, dancing and now rapping, singing “Blurred Lines.” Everyone loves Nic, but not enough to keep him on “The Voice.” We are sad to see him go.

Nic Hawk

Nic Hawk

“You did everything you can do as a performer,” Blake said after his performance. “I can’t think of anything else you could have thrown in except boobs.” But yet, he didn’t pick him when he got the chance. Now, ironically thanks to Blake, Nic knows: Always go drag. It’s the different between an A and an A+.

No, America chose the manly men, Cole Vosbury and Austin Jenckes. Austin swept up the crowd with the Black Crowe’s “She Talks to Angels.” He hit the big moments vocally, mixing his bravado and tender side seamlessly.

The people love a big man who wails. “I can always count on you…to give 150 percent every time,” Blake said. “Your heart just lays out on that stage.”

Cole, whose beard has its own Twitter feed it seems, killed Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae” with his raspy delivery and consistent crooning. Thank you, Blake, for not turning Cole country too much. We’re becoming fans, and he’s best poised to cash in on the mandolin-lovin’ Mumford-Avetts brood. We’re already marketing his first CD in our heads.

Blake chose the sorta blah Ray Boudreaux. The coaches lavished the praise on Ray, who took on some swamp pop with Marc Broussard’s “Home.” His voice had grit, but we found him humdrum, particularly after getting all riled up with Nic. But something resonated with Blake, or maybe he just hates women and gays, which we have a hard time believing about our big-dimpled Blake.


“The only thing I can really do is make a call based on my gut and pick the person that I think I can effect change with the most,” Blake said before amazing everyone by not choosing his bread and butter female country singer. In contrast to his last couple of winning seasons, Blake is left with an all-male team and no country singers to speak of.

Team Ceelo:

Team Cee-lo

Team Cee-lo

Team Ceelo gave it their all for Supertramp’s “Give A Little Bit,” and it was actually the first time we have felt a tinge of anything toward Jonny Gray. The opening of the song suited his warbly delivery, upstaging his four lady teammates for a millisecond. However, the girls got in their runs and Kat shined brightly in her crimson short shorts.

But in the end, two of Ceelo’s favorites had to hit the road. Amber Nicole totally screwed up a huge note on (last season’s winner) Cassadee Pope’s “Wasting All These Tears.” But as Christina pointed out, she nailed the note on the second time around. Cee-lo gave her positive feedback, but obviously there is no room for error anymore. Gone.

Tamara Chauniece’s version of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” failed to thrill the way a big vocal showstopper like that song should. It was mundane. Bye bye Tamara.

Ceelo slobbered all over Jonny Gray’s version of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony,” but frankly, we didn’t get it—and we absolutely looooove that song. We totally appreciate that he’s an Iraq War vet, but that’s not enough to carry boring, one-tone singing from falling flat. Clearly we are wrong, because – we’re looking at you America – he was one of the top vote getters.

The lone stand out on Ceelo’s team that truly moves us is Caroline Pennell. Her voice is so infectious, so soothing, so tingly. We just heart her and her delivery of White Stripes’ quirky “We’re Going To Be Friends.”


Caroline Pennell

Caroline is Ceelo’s star. Backed by a lush string accompaniment, she slayed the stage in the most subtle, understated way possible.

“I could literally be getting an amputation, and if someone was playing her music, and she was singing, all I would be thinking about is cotton candy,” Blake said. “I don’t know what it is about you, but you are mesmerizing.” Yes. Thank you America.

As for Ceelo, he just loves that Kat. She is entertaining when she’s drop kicking the air, but she lacks warmth. This week though, she hugged a random stranger in the crowd and broke down the scornful walls she’s built up in prior performances. And just like that, everyone loved her, especially Ceelo, who chose her to stay with the team.

Team Adam:

Team Adam

Team Adam

As a whole, Adam definitely has the strongest team, as seen from their staging of Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound.” They were solid.

For the individual performances, Adam’s team was pretty predictable. We just can’t quite shake Grey’s wedding singer stigma. She’s got chops, but seriously we could barely stay awake during her cheesy pop delivery of Paramore’s “Still Into You.” We’re just not that into her. And neither was America, apparently. She’s out.


Saying goodbye to Preston Pohl was a shocker. We truly thought he would be Adam’s emotional holdover, but his delivery of B.O.B.’s “Nothin’ On You” was a bit lackluster. Our favorite old soul should have stuck with the stalwarts, which always steal our hearts. Sadly, he didn’t quite cut it this week with Adam or America.

James Wolpert – who Adam repeatedly hounds us with by pointing out that he looks like a nerdy stockbroker – killed it with guitar in hand, rebounding from his botched performance of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” last week. This week’s Joni Mitchell heartstring tugger “A Case Of You” even made it into iTunes’ Top 10. We’ll call that one hell of a comeback. America thought so, too, voting him back in the game.

Tessanne Chin took on Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers to Cross,” which wasn’t the greatest to showcase her voice, but you know she tore the shit out of it anyway with her soaring vocals, breaking down in tears of joy at the song’s finish. “You have a golden soul,” Adam said. “On top of that, your talent is just mindboggling.” America couldn’t help itself from sending votes her way.

We Recap 'The Voice' Season Five Episodes Thirteen to Fifteen So You Don't Have To Watch It All

Tessanne Chin

Will Champlin, who Adam stole back for his team last week, delivered One Republic’s “Secrets” with conviction. He’s the kind of singer that makes girls sit in their cars and cry as he hits the money notes because they wish their boyfriends and husbands were more like him. Adam just could not bear to part with him.

Team Christina:

Team Christina’s version of Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody” was a true show of teamwork. Jacquie and Matthew tore it up, predictably. Good stuff.

Olivia Henken strayed from her country comfort zone, taking on Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Unfortunately, she stripped the song of all its catchy pop sensibilities, countrifying it and turning it into a yawner despite hitting the crazy high notes. How did America feel about it? Meh. She’s headed back to crunching numbers with her grandma at the accounting office.

Cruise ship entertainer Stephanie Anne Johnson’s take on Ray Charles’ “Georgia On My Mind” was just the right amount of simple, sprinkled with inflection and diva runs. But it was not enough to catch a life preserver this time.  She’s headed back to the high seas.

Cute little 16-year-old Jacquie Lee belted out Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell On You” like a boss. She held the last note of that song squeezing the life out of it in the best way possible, proving “The Voice” is definitely child’s play. She got a standing ovation from the crowd and Christina. “Jacquie – daaaaang,” Ceelo said, summing up what everyone calling in their votes felt.

Matthew Schuler is the fasted four-chair turner in the history of “The Voice,” and for good reason. He gave new life to Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” and made it his bitch. Matthew’s runs are off the hook. There is no containing this vocal beast.

Matthew Shuler

Matthew Shuler

This was a no brainer. He got the votes, and he’s not going anywhere. “You make me sick,” Ceelo told him in the best way possible. The other coaches momentarily turned all kinds of shades of green. Christina’s got her wrecking ball aimed at her competition. Blake even warned his team: “This is the guy.”

Josh Logan took on Ceelo’s “Crazy,” filling it with growling, complicated runs and messy ooooh yeaaaaahs. The feedback wasn’t great, but Christina remained undaunted and committed to her man. We think there is something we don’t know about Josh or that he and Christina are officially sitting in a tree. She chose him. Crazy.


Tune in Monday, November 11, 8 p.m. on NBC to watch as the Top 12 perform live, pandering for America’s adoration and votes.

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