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Recap: ‘Voice’ Fans Get All A-Twitter

Group Cee-lo

Team Cee-lo performing The B-52’s “Roam.”

And then there were nine. On Monday, each of the four coaches on “The Voice” had three remaining vocalists on their teams. The live shows allowed each performer the chance to showcase his or her talents and pizzazz with an amped up stage design and lighting.

Some of the coaches chose challenging songs to show the performers’ lesser known sides. It turned out some of them aren’t as multi-facted as we’d hoped. Some were even yawn worthy. And by the end of the night, it was in America’s hot little Twitter-voting hands, as we would now have the power to save one precious singer from the brink.


On Tuesday night, host Carson Daly also announced the Top Eight from the teams, deeming the remaining singers The Bottom Three. It sounds sad, and it is, because one of them were—cue dramatic percussion—headed home.

We also were treated to watching some of the coaches flash their wares on stage with competitors. Cee-lo rocked the If-Zorro-Was-Chubby dress thing for the B-52s “Roam,” and Adam kept time behind the drum kit while leading his crew on The Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night.” It was splendid.

Even Matt Lauer stopped by to compare No Shave November scruff with Carson and entice us all to watch the “Voice” segment that aired this morning on the “Today” show.” We missed it anyway.

We’ll count down the remaining competitors in order of the top vote getters. Here’s where they stand.

Caroline 1

Caroline Pennell

Caroline Pennell (Team Cee-lo): Caroline is like an adorable little kitten batting at yarn and while wearing a hand-knit sweater and beret. People cannot help but absolutely adore her and her quirky delivery of off-beat songs. Monday night’s performance saw her change things up with Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” as she worked the crowd with the more upbeat song. Her confidence now overfloweth, and for good reason.

Matthew Schuler (Team Christina): Matthew paid tribute to his gospel roots with the song made famous by Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley, “Hallelujah,” a helluva song for anyone to attempt. But, of course, Matthew nailed it, with his preacher papa in the audience tearing up with pride. It was absolutely spine tingling.

Matthew Schuler

Matthew Schuler

“There is something so magical, the room becomes still, and then you lift it, the applause, everyone is just with you and behind you,” Christina said, adding she is humbled that he chose her as his coach. Blake added that Matthew is definitely the frontrunner from her team.

Austin Jenckes (Team Blake): We felt some extra pressure going into Austin’s performance, as we’re sure his girlfriend did, too, after he said he’s basically waiting to pop the question until he’s successful. Luckily for her, his rendition of Travis Tritt’s “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” snatched up those country music-lovin’ votes. He hit the big note with precision, showing how diverse he can be. He makes us feel fuzzy inside.

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin (Team Adam): Adam calls her singing “otherwordly,” and if by that he means fucking great, then yes, we agree. This lady can wail. She sang “My Kind of Love” by Emeli Sande, dedicating the song to her husband and delivering it flawlessly with emotion. Christina particularly liked the reverb effect on her vocals. This Tessanne woman is a powerhouse.

Jacquie Lee (Team Christina): For this week, coach Christina wanted to show old soul Jacquie can keep up with what’s popular with the kids, too, making it clear she’s radio ready. She took on Jack White’s version of “Love Is Blindness,” which started out dark but erupted when she hit the chorus. “You set the stage on fire,” Christina said after the performance.

Recap: ‘Voice’ Fans Get All A-Twitter

Jacquie Lee

Cole Vosbury (Team Blake): Cole floored everyone by taking on Miguel’s “Adorned,” taking a risk by going R&B for the night—even ditching his guitar and hat. He was the only competitor to receive a standing ovation from the coaches and the crowd. “Every time Cole gets on the stage, I feel like he brings a gun to a knife fight,” Blake said.

Will Champlin (Team Adam): Will has somehow become “The Voice” underdog, although we don’t think he deserves that title at all. He’s one of our favorites, despite his emotionless stare.

Will Champlin

Will Champlin

Will milked Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” for every last drop, working the crowd and whipping the audience in hysteria that cut into the coaches’ time to lap praise on Will.  So it was up to Adam to bring the praise. “You can feel that passion in what you do,” Adam said. Is that what that is?

Ray Boudreaux (Team Blake): Blah. Sure, he’s got the tall, dark and handsome thing down. But he’s boring and a little stiff. Blake slobbered all over Ray’s delivery of John Legend’s “All of Me,” making puppy dog eyes the entire time.


But our girl Christina wasn’t so impressed, criticizing his pitch. “Vocally…it fell a little short in places,” she said, defending her critique by saying that she’s judging with her head, not her vajajay.

James Wolper's big chair move.

James Wolper’s big chair move.

James Wolper (Team Adam): Lookey who’s been hiding some stage presence in his pocket protector. James owned the stage with The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside,” and the crowd went nuts. Adam liked every second of James’ dynamic performance.

“It sounds like a lame cliché, but dude, you just turned into a rock star in front of our eyes,” Adam said.

That left three vocalists – Jonny Gray, Kat Robichaud and Josh Logan – on the chopping block. America had five minutes to change someone’s life. Such power, America! Kat, whose hot pants and fiery stage presence during her delivery of Awolnation’s “Sail” was pretty damn compelling, made the cut thanks to truth, freedom, and Twitter. Bye Jonny, Bye Josh.

Watch “The Voice” continue the live rounds Monday, Nov. 18, at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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