REBOOTS & REMAKES: From "In the Line of Fire" to "Hart to Hart"

New ideas are hard. Fortunately, rebooting old ideas is as easy as your mother at her junior prom. Here are five reboots and remakes being developed for TV right now…

reboot - line of fire

In the Line of Fire

Remember that Clint Eastwood movie In the Line of Fire where he was a Secret Service agent trying to keep John Malkovich from killing the president? It was pretty good, right? Well, imagine if Clint Eastwood’s character were younger, partnered with a sexy lady agent, and solved weekly cases while simultaneously playing cat-and-mouse with a crazed would-be assassin over the course of the season. Sound good? NBC thinks so. C0-producer/writer Josh Berman is also working on ABC’s Sawyer & Huck, and co-producer/writer Carol Mendelsohn (former CSI showrunner) is also working on…

reboot - hart to hart

Hart to Hart

Waaaay back in 1979, Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers were two people you would have heard of. On the teevee, they played an obscenely wealthy power couple who trotted the globe and solved murders in their spare time, kind of like if Murder, She Wrote starred Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. In NBC’s planned reboot, however, the married amateur sleuths are, like, two gay dudes, can you believe it? Yeah, you’re gonna need more than that to make characters interesting these days. Co-exec producing with Mendelsohn is Christopher Fife of lackluster dramas Revenge and Private Practice.

 reboot - taken


We all know Taken’s Liam Neeson has a very particular set of skills, skills he acquired over a very long career, skills that make him a nightmare for people who kidnap his daughter…so how ‘bout a prequel TV show about Neeson’s character learning and employing those skills with the CIA back in the day? NBC (Again? Seriously?) is so excited about the idea, it’s ordered the show straight-to-series, even though there’s no showrunner or writer attached. Details, details.

reboot - behind enemy lines

Behind Enemy Lines

Remember that movie about Owen Wilson as an American trapped in enemy territory trying desperately to get back home? It’s called No Escape, and it just bombed at the box office last month. Fifteen years before that, Owen Wilson also played an American trying to escape enemy territory in Behind Enemy Lines, only this time he was an Air Force pilot shot down over Bosnia. Well, forget all that, because FOX is making the TV show about an entire Air Force crew shot down in Latin America, and a bunch of the action will take place in Washington, D.C., where sinister forces are trying to cover it up. Jeffery Nachmanoff, the guy that wrote The Day After Tomorrow and that quickly forgotten Dylan McDermott-forces-Toni-Collette-to-assassinate-the-president show Hostages, is writing and directing the pilot, so don’t expect it to make a lot of sense.

reboot - urban cowboy

Urban Cowboy

In 1980’s Urban Cowboy, a redneck John Travolta beats up Debra Winger so she leaves him, only to get back together with him because he won a mechanical bull riding contest and also because her new boyfriend beats her, too. FOX sees so much potential in that story that it’s planning a whole TV series, except that nothing from the movie will be included in the series. (Seems to be FOX’s M.O.) This time, there’s not so much about the mechanical bull and a lot more about drug cartels. But the name of the bar is the same, so clearly it’s a remake.


Come back next week for more reboots & remakes currently in the works. Yes, there are always more.

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